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    Models built from 1972 to present

STURMGESCHÜTZ III Ausg G Sd.Kfz. 142/1 - Tamiya MM137

front Side
Rear top

Specification :
: Alkett, MIAG
Chassis number : 76101-77550
7,720 produced from December 1942 to March 1945
plus 173 converted from Pz.Kpfw III in 1944
Crew : 4                 Weight : 23.9 tons
Length : 6.77 m       Height : 2.16 m
Engine : Maybach HL120TRM
Gearbox : 6 forward, 1 reverse
Speed : 40 km/hr       Range : 155 km
Radio :          FuG15 & FuG16
Armament :  One 7.5cm StuK40 L/48
Traverse :    10° left 10° right - hand
Elevation :    -6° +20°
Sight : SflZF1a
Ammunition : 54(7.5cm)
                     600 (MG)
                     One 7.92mm MG34
                     One 7.92mm MG34 or MG42

Originally intended for infantry support duties, Germany's Sturmgeschütz (Assault gun) and Abbreviated "STuG" III appeared in combat during 1940. It had the durable Panzer III chassis with a completely new superstructure. To keep the vehicle's profile as low as possible, the revolving turret was eliminated and the short barreled 75mm L/24 gun was mounted directly onto the hull. As it was mainly intended for close fire support for the Wehrmacht, it was used as self-propelled artillery against the opposing enemy's strategic points. However, when the German forces encountered the Russian KV and T-34 tanks on the Eastern front, the situation abruptly changed. To cope with this Russian tank threat, the Germans were forced to upgrade their existing weapons systems. The G-type StuG III built from late 1942 onwards, used a more powerful, long barrel 75mm L/48 gun. The early G-type had a square shaped gun mantlet. The superstructure was redesigned and an MG42 machine gun with shield, commander's vision cupola and smoke dischargers were added. The thin steel plate, known as Schürzen (skirts) were attached to the sides of the hull beginning in the spring of 1943. The type 42 assault gun mounted a 105mm howitzer on the StuG III chassis and was developed to fulfill the StuG III's original role of infantry support incorporating several minor changes, about 7,800 G-type StuG III's were produced.


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