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    Models built from 1972 to present

M2 Bradley from Tamiya M2 MCV-Bradley - Tamiya 35132
bradley image 2U.S.M2 Bradley IFV :
Mechanization of ground forces first came about during the 1st World War with the introduction of an armored tracked vehicle fielding a large bore cannon, by England. This vehicle was dubbed "Tank" by Winston Churchill, and the innovation has altered the conduct of warfare to this day. During the second World War conflict, the mechanization of infantry was perfected by the Germans and brought about the name Blitzkrieg. During that conflict over 3 million military vehicles were produced, and even though the tank had considerable advantages, the need for a method of having the infantry keep pace with them became a necessity.
After the war, many countries modified existing armored personnel carriers for modern usage. The M113, which was first fielded in 1964, was a low budget, trouble free masterpiece and widely used throughout the globe. The United States needed a "Fight from within" mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle and research started in 1967 for a vehicle to meet the purpose. With the greater speed and mobility of the M1 Abrams MBT new requirements were levied that the IFV and CFV must be able to keep up and support the MBT's. The FMC COrporation of San Jose, California won the bidding competition and the M2/3's came into being. Dubbed the Bradley in honor of Omar N.Bradley, a five star General of World War 2 fame, the M2/3 series offer the sought after flexibility in a true fight from within concept.
bradley image 5
The M2 Infantry Vehicle differs from the M3 in the addition of six external firing ports to handle the M231 FPW's which can be operated by the six, fully equipped infantrymen carried within. Manned by a crew of three, the M2 IFV mounts a Hughes 25mm M242 chain-gun and a coaxially mounted 7.62 machine gun, housed in an offset turret which can be traverse 360 degrees. With a maximum elevation angle of 60 degrees, the cannon provides aircraft and helicopter protection. A thermic ray visioning fire control system allows accurate firing even when traversing rough field conditions, day or night.
A TOW anti-tank missile system also complements the defensive capabilities of the Bradley. With a speed of 66km/h on road capability, the M2 IFV is truely a formidable weapons system.
(From Tamiya Manual)

Specification :
Country of Origin : USA
Crew : 3 + 6
Armament : 1x25mm cannon, 1x7.62mm MG (coaxial), 2xTOW ATGW launcher, 1x4 smoke dischargers
Ammunition : 900 x 25mm, 1,340 x 7.62mm, 7 x TOW ATGW   
Engine : Cummins VTA-903T Turbocharged 8-cylinders diesel developing 500 hp at 2,600 rpm

Length : 6.453m
Width : 3.2m
Height over turret roof : 2.565m
Power-to-weight ratio : 20.38hp/tonne
Maximum road speed : 66 km/hr
Maximum water speed : 7.2 km/hr
Fuel capacity : 662 lit.
Vertical obstacle : 0.914m
Trench : 2.54m
Armor : Classified
NBC system : Yes
Height Hull top : 1.9m
Ground Clearance : 0.432m
Weight, combat : 22,590kg
Weight, empty : 19,005kg
Ground Pressure : 0.54kg/cm²
Maximum cruising range : 483 km
Fording : Amphibious with preparation
Gradient : 60%
Side slope : 40%
Armor type : Aluminium/laminate/steel
Night Vision Equipment : Yes

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