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Quatech - Bv206

  Bv2061A BV2062A

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Bv2061A model Bv2062A model

Technical Specifications

Country of origin : Sweden Sweden
Manufacturer : hagglunds
Transmission :  Daimler Benz W4A-040 fully automatic with 4 forward and 1 reverse
Transfer Box : Hagglunds 2 speed - High -1 28:1,  Low - 2 11:1
Fuel : Petrol
Maximum Speed : 52 km/hr on roads, 4 km/hr in water 52 km/hr
Height : 2.4m 2.4m
Length : 6.9m 6.86m
Width : 1.9m 1.8m
Gross weight : 4340 Kg 4800 Kg
Front car weight : 2740 kg (630kg payload) 2740 kg (630kg payload)
Rear car weight : 1600 Kg (max weight 2500 Kg) 2060 Kg (max weight 2500 Kg)
Turning radius : 8 m 6 m (with pitch control)
Seating Capacity : 6 in front / 11 in Rear 6 in front
Brakes :  Hydraulic disc type
Electrical : 24 volt / 100 amp generator, 2x12v 105 Ah Batteries
Gradeability : hard surface 100% (45), Deep snow 30% (17)
Operating Temperature :  Max. +46C  / Min. -40C
Ground Pressure :  Front car 11.8 kPa,  Rear car 23.8 kPa
Range : On roads 330km
Steering :  Articulated hydrostatic, Emergency steering : standard
Track : Moulded reinforced ruber with cord - 0.6m wide, 4-track drive
Wheel :  Cast Alloy
Body Material : Glassfibre reinforced plastic with PVC foam insulation


Bv206 and hagglunds
Quadtech can supply Hagglunds Bv206 All Terrain Tracked Vehicles and 
can customize and arrange for worldwide delivery.
Visit Quadtech and purchase on line go
Special thanks to Quadtech for allowing to share the links and photos of the Bv206


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