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Powered by a Mercedes Benz diesel engine with 136 horsepower at 4,600 r.p.m., although some units use gasoline engines, these vehicles can reach a maximum speed of 32 mph on the road and 1.86 mph in flowing rivers. They have an empty weight of 9,900 pounds, and a maximum cargo of 1,345 lbs in the front cab and 3,615 in the rear one. They can also tow flat beds or cargo weighing up to 2.5 tons with the hook on the second cab.

Other important feature of this Swedish vehicle is the width of its tracks, 225 inches, which are lightweight enough so that it may drive over snow or on the shore of lakes or oceans, where the sand is fine. Its weight also reduces the risk of detonating any half-buried anti-tank mines that it comes across.

bv206 track
bv206 rear view

The large market leads to the appearance of new models
Favorable sales prospects have led various companies to design specific products; some of these have been created from the militarization of civilian vehicles used on ski slopes. One of these is the Kässbohrer Flexmobil FM 23, which has been used by UN personnel deployed in Lebanon. It consists of a front caterpillar track unit with room for up to 10 people and a rear flat bed for towing cargo weighing up to 2,650 lbs. It is German and has excellent performance capabilities due to the two wide caterpillar tracks that optimize its stability.

FINLAND A Finnish alternative arrives on the scene
Produced by the Finnish company, Patria Vehicles, the Sisu NA-140 is very similar to the Swedish Bv 206 model. It was tested in 1985, and the next year 11 pre-production units were ordered. Since then, more than three hundred have been manufactured to equip the armies of China, Turkey and Finland. This last country has purchased units of the most advanced variants such as the NA-122 which incorporates a 120 mm mortar in the cargo hold with three system operators and 18 highly explosive projectiles. The NA-140 is multi-purpose and very adaptable to all kinds of necessities. It has a very compact size and is very agile due to its 6.5 liter diesel engine with 129 hp and a maximum speed of 37 mph. It has a cargo capacity of five men in the front cab and 12 in the rear, ample operational possibilities as it is amphibious and may be transported by air, and a total cargo capacity of 2 tons (1.3 tons in the back cab).

The NA series of off-road vehicles includes several configurations of the rear cab transformed into a mobile crane, a logistical shelter, a communications vehicle, a weapons transporter, a command post, a ammunition supply vehicle or an evacuation ambulance.

NORWAY  Norway decides to test its own product
After almost twenty years of using the Bv 206, the Norwegian Armed Forces may incorporate up to 1000 units of the Natech (Narvik Technology AS) P6 if Project 5085 is instituted. The Cabinet has already approved the project, and some prototypes have been tested since 1997 at the Army Material Command Testing and Trial Unit in Helgelandsmoen.

The vehicle is newly configured: it incorporates robust anti-capsizing bars on the front cab, which has room for five men; a very powerful Cummins 6CTA8 diesel engine with 260 hp, which can transport almost 7 tons, divided into 4.6 tons in the rear cab and 2.35 tons in the front; and a hydrostatics transmission, designed for greater possibility of movement over all types of terrain, especially snow-covered ground. It is 315 inches long, 94.56 wide and 102.44 high, and its empty weight is 17,300 lbs. It is expected that the general cargo variant, called the P6-300M, will be manufactured in addition to other models for transporting equipment cabs, weapons launchers or logistical elements.

Netherland  Holland orders 74 BvS10 All Terrain Vehicles - 01 June 2005

The Netherlands Defence Materiel Organization has today signed a contract with BAE Systems Land Systems Hägglunds for 74 BvS10 All Terrain Vehicles valued at approximately 570 mSEK (approximately £43 million.
The BvS10 is being acquired for the Royal Netherlands Marines. The vehicle will be procured in four variants; troop carrier, command, repair & recovery, and ambulance. They will be used for worldwide operation as logistics vehicles for carrying both troops and equipment. They will supplement the Bv206 vehicles in service with the Dutch Royal Marines since the early 1990s. Series deliveries of the BvS10 will commence in January 2006 and will conclude in April 2007.
The BvS10 is the latest generation of the Land Systems Hägglunds All Terrain Vehicle family, and is based on more than 25 years experience of articulated all terrain vehicle design and production. Compared with the Bv206, 11,000 of which have been sold to forty countries around the world, the BvS10 has, in addition to armour protection, a higher load-carrying capacity and greater top speeds both on and off-road.
The BvS10 is currently in operation with the British Royal Marines, and is under trial and evaluation in military procurement projects in France and Finland.

Sven Kågevall, President of Land Systems Hägglunds, said:
"We are delighted to be awarded this important contract, further cementing our relationship with the Netherlands. The BvS10 provides the Netherlands Royal Marines with the ability to safely transport personnel and equipment to remote and inaccessible places.”
“This contract also supports our marketing of the BvS10 and highlights the need for armoured all terrain vehicles in the future. The BvS10 has primarily been designed for multi-role worldwide operations, for emergency and peacekeeping operations, being capable of rapid deployment and outstanding performance.”


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