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Bv206 S

Technical Specifications

Bv 206 S Caterpillar Track
Country of origin : Sweden sweden_gs.gif (7223 bytes)
Manufacturer : hagglunds
AB Hägglund & Sönar
Today BAE Systems Hägglund AB, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Number of crew : 4 (Front car) + 8 (rear car)
Length : 6920 mm
Height : 2000 mm
Width : 2000 mm
Track : 1380 mm
Ground Clearance : 300 mm
Turning Radius : 16 m
Gross vehicle weight : 7000 Kg
Payload : 1550 Kg (including add on armor)
command post mounting kit,
NBC protection system, radio equipment and communication system
for front and rear car, crew and its equipment
Maximum trailer weight : 2500 Kg
Curb weight : 5450 Kg including fuel
Specific ground pressure : 1.36 N/cm² front car
1.31 N/cm² rear car
Maximum road speed : 52 km/h
Maximum speed in water : 4.7 km/h
Trench crossing : 1800 mm
Gradeability : 100 % / 45°
Gradeability, deep snow :  30 % / 17°
Side slope : 75 % (35°)

Fording Depth :

it is amphibious without any extra equipment
Make and Model : Steyr M16 TCA HD
Type : 6 cylinders - 4 stroke turbo Diesel Engine
Fuel : Diesel
Gross Horsepower : 177 bhp (202 KW) at 2500 rpm
Maximum engine speed (neutral) : 5000 to 5200 rpm
Weight of the engine : about 235 kg
Fuel tank contents : 160 Litres
Road range : 330 km with one tank filling and two 20 litre jerry cans
Electrical system : 24 V
Transmission : Daimler Chrysler W5A-580 automatic transmission with five forward gears and one reverse gear
Break system : Hydraulic disk brake as main brake and manual disk brake as emergency brake
Steering system : Hydrostatic, articulated, damped
Tracks : Endless tracks made by Skega weighing 190 kg per piece
Width of track : 620 mm
Armor Protection : From the effects of 7.62mm x 54R (Dragunow) ammunition as well as
from splinters of 152mm artillery ammunition when exploding in a range
of up to 10m from the vehicle
Operating temperature range : -32°C to +46°C

Source : Data sheets of BAE Systems Hägglunds Vehicle AB and Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH


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