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The need that military troops and some civilian bodies have to move over all types of terrain has led to the development of various vehicles designed to travel over mountain roads, rocky ground, snow-covered areas and even lakes and flowing rivers. The most well known and capable models have emerged in those countries that need to incorporate them into their Armed Forces because of difficult climates. Such is the case with the Nordic countries, although their vehicles have also had a lot of success in all corners of the world, from the Cambodian jungle to the Alaskan tundra, because of their superior performance and ample operational uses.

bv206 image 1
SWEDEN Need intensifies the productive device
In order to replace the Volvo Bv 202,widely distributed amongst the Swedish Army during the 1960’s and beginning of the 1970’s, the Swedish Administration of Defense Materials decided to test out new proposals. In 1974, they gave the contract for development to Hägglunds and Söner. which developed various batches of prototypes from 1976-1978.

bv206 image 2
The Bv 206
courtesy of Hägglunds Vehicle

Good performance leads to a quick approval
Its capacity to travel over all types of terrain led to the purchase of the first units of a model called Bv 206; the pre-production batch was delivered in I 980.The first Swedish order, a country that currently has more than four thousand of these double-cab vehicles, was followed by an order from Norway in 1981 for 220 units and in 1985 for 2,004 more.

Recently, orders have been filled for a total of more than 10,000 units. Great Britain ordered 600 for its Army Air Force and Royal Marines; the United States uses 1,100 of the M973 SUSV (Small Unit Support Vehicle); the Spanish Army purchased thirty mainly for use in the "Aragon" I Mountain Hunter Brigade; France has incorporated them into their 27th Mountain Division; Canada uses 100, and there are also units used in Germany, Brazil, Chile, China, Holland, Italy, Pakistan and Singapore. Singapore ordered 300 units in 1993, and it is possible, with the development of new models like the Bv 206S armor-plated variant with total protection for all personnel and the new Bv 209, that they will order more. The Bv 209 is an updated model of the 206S with a more advanced engine, more comfortable interior and better protection against various enemy threats.

bv206s image
The Bv 206S is a version of the Swedish Bv 206 with a modified back cab and armor plating on all its bodywork so that it can withstand the impact of lightweight weapons and the effects of grenade explosions in its vicinity.
bvs10 image
The Bvs10
courtesy of Hägglunds Vehicle
bv2 10 image
The BvS10
courtesy of Hägglunds Vehicle
bv209 image
The Bv 209 is a transformation of the Swedish Bv 206, which incorporates several improvements and complete armor plating for a greater capacity for movement in the combat zone.

Superior features and proven efficiency
The Bv 206 basically consists of 2 small waterproof cabs powered by rubber tracks; the first cab is a tractor and tows the second. Manufactured from very resistant, reinforced lightweight plastic fiber, the first cab holds the driver and four more men, while the second, with two benches, can carry up to eleven men or various weapons systems. Many versions have been configured from this basic design, such as anti-tank models with the RBS 56 Bill system, RBS 90 air defense models with vehicles to transport the radar and others, RBS 70, to transport the missile firing squads. There are also variants for anti-air detection with radar detection devices such as the Ericsson Giraffe 50 AT in the C frequency band and models with 81 or 120 millimeter mortar. Finally, there are medical evacuation variants, which are used by the British and Dutch Marines, maintenance vehicles with a crane and a hydraulic towline, rescue vehicles and fire trucks used in the Maldives and by the British Royal Air Force, and command post models with radar equipment in the interior.

BV206 from Leavesley International BV206 commercial supplier

bv206 image
The rear compartment is water proof  and has two benches on the sides that can fit a dozen men with their back pack.
bv206 driver comp.
The Driver's seat is located on the front left side. This vehicle has a large steering wheel and some pedals, and it is maneuvered in much the same way as an automobile.


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