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K5 Eisenbahngeschütze (Railway Gun) Summary

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The Maker : 1/35 scale



AZIMUT Productions s.a.r.l.
171 rue de Charenton
75012 Paris - France

Dragon Models
603-609 Castle Peak Rd.
Kong Nam Ind. Bldg.,
10Fl., B-1 Tsuen Wan,
New Territories,H.K. HongKong

Tel :0086 760 6691616 
Fax :0086 760 6691626
Nan Long Industrial Area San Xiang ZhongShan

K5 from Ironside

K5 model from Dragon K5 model from Trumpeter

Jadar Model
Jadar-Model Poland

( Metal frame reinforced resin cast and
 glass fiber reinforced plastic barrel)
c/o work Association
Gensei Building
2-5-7 Koube City, Hyogo 650
Japan Japan
The Maker : 1/72 scale

Yagusu 1193-2
Yaizu-city, Shizuoka 425 Japan

Jadar Model
Jadar-Model Poland

The Maker : 1/144 scale
1/144 scale K5 from Can Do Pocket Army
Can Do Pocket
1/144 from Dragon
The Maker : HO Scale from Lima Modelle
H0 scale K5
The Accessories : 1/35 scale Ammo set and Decal
K5 Various Projectiles

More detail description


Archer Transfer
Archer Fine Transfer USA

K5 transfer from Archer
More detail description


The Accessories : 1/35 scale Railway Gun Crew

K5 Leopard Gun Crew
Trumpeter TP00406

The Accessories : 1/35 scale Photo etched, Aluminum Alloy Turned Barrel and many more

K5 Al.Alloy replacement barrel

1/35 scale Plan :
Replacement Barrel D.I.Y. Plan for K5 Dragon Set
Total Drawings : 3 sheets
Completed Barrel weight : 281 g only
Fully dimensions (mm or inches) provided

Level of difficulty :
Advance, preferably with precision machining skill

Payment :
Only US$8.95 - Payment thru Paypal  
thru account : or thru here
Please e-mail for more details
Goods sold are not refundable !

K5 Al. barrel replacement drawingK5 Al. Barrel replacementK5 Al. Barrel replacement

1/35 scale Aluminum Alloy Turned Barrel - from

For Dragon kit
click  more to buy
For Trumpeter Kit
click  more to buy
original and the replacement
K5 Aluminum turned barrel
and the original Dragon two half barrel
click to expand
K5 Al. Barrel adaptor position
Adaptor fitted on Trumpeter A3, A4 parts
Preferably with 2 part epoxy to bond.
click to expand
Al. barrel
Main assembly with Aluminum barrel

click to expand
Al. Barrel replacement set for Trumpeter kit
Overall layout
click to expand

1/35 scale Aluminum Alloy Turned Barrel - from other manufacturers

MM-0001 - Aluminum Barrel for Dragon with Rifling from Mission Models / US$55 more
????? - 1/35 scale Aluminum Barrel for Trumpeter from /  more
    48 special model's K5 1/35 scale Al. Barrel
    Click image to view more...

Scale Aluminum Barrel set from Juan V.Moro Ramirez
    Contact : jvmramirez(@) for more details

K5 model in Al.AlloyK5 Model in Al.ALloy
From JuanFrom JuanFrom Juan

Visit website at more

3510 - 1/35 scale Aluminum Barrel for Trumpeter from Schatton /  more
K5 Al. Barrel from Schatton
Schatton Modelbau
Industriestrasse 6 - 94347 Ascha / Germany

35001 - 1/35 scale Aluminum Barrel from Yamato Metal works /  more
Yamato Metal Works

#22013 - Photo etched set for 1/72 Hasegawa set from Eduard / US$19.99 more
AR35360 - Dragon Leopold update set from ADV/Azimut / US$31.80
AR35361 - Trumpeter Leopold update set from ADV/Azimut / US$22.00
AR35362 - Resin Barrel for Leopold (Dragon or Trumpeter) from ADV/Azimut / US$22.00
AR35363 - Railway truck update set for Dragon from ADV/Azimut / US$50.00

Others related railway items : 1/35 scale

AZ35326 - Tiger/Panther Railway car ramp from ADV/Azimut / US$37.10

CMKRA005 - Railway Transport system from CMK Czech Master / US$153.00
CMKRA006 - Rail w/ railway embankment from CMK Czech Master / US$35.30

35625 - Photo-etched set from Eduard / US$29.95 for Dragon kit 
Eduard PE set 35625 Eduard model accessories

35626 - Photo-etched set from Eduard / US$9.95 for Dragon kit
Eduard PE set 35626 Eduard model accessories

35678 - Photo-etched set from Eduard / US$24.95 - for Trumpeter kit
EDuard PE set 35678 Eduard model accessories

IR012 - SSYMS Heavy Flatcar from Ironside / US$32.00
IR027 - Panther SSYMS Heavy Flatcar from Ironside / US$26.00
IR029 - Reichbahn Flatcar from Ironside / US$25.00
IR039 - Reichbahn G10 Closed car from Ironside / US$28.00
IR050 - Panzertraggerwagen from Ironside / US$27.00
IR051 - Railway tracks w/ embankment & Telegraph Poles from Ironside / US$14.00
IR055 - German light Flatcar from Ironside / US$20.00
IR057 - German Boxcar Om 'Breslau'from Ironside / US$26.00
IR058 - German low sided Flatcar from Ironside / US$26.00

IRES3 - Vogele Turn Table from Ironside / US$60.00
IRES4 - Munition set K5(E) from Ironside / US$20.00
IRES5 - 340mm Saint Chamond railway Gun from Ironside / US$315.00

DR6085 - German Flatbed railcar Type Ommr from Dragon / US$22.20
DR6086 - German Railway Gondola Type Ommr from Dragon / US$23.20
DR3825 - Railway track w/ embankment from Dragon / US$12.60
DR6069 - German Railway Flatbed Type SSY from Dragon / US$23.95
SD9047 - Ba-20 Zhd Railway Scout Car from Shanghai Dragon / future

TW2014 - Railway Box Car from The Tank Workshop / US$72.25
TW1003 - Railroad Track (3) from The Tank Workshop / US$10.00
VP1128 - Railroad Track section (2) from The Verlinden Productions / US$19.75
VP1477 - Railroad Crossing Diorama Base from The Verlinden Productions / US$54.98

CDS132 - Railroad track set from Custom Dioramics / US$11.95
PM35029c - Ground plate w/ Rail track from Precision Models / US$26.95
PM35030c - Brick Road w/ Rail track from Precision Models / US$19.95

F35035 - 150mm Railway cannon  from Baluardmodels
F35028 - Diesel locomotive WR360 C14  from Baluardmodels
F35025 - Covered wagon Type G20  from Baluardmodels
F35004 - Low sided wagon from Baluardmodels
F35005 - Tank wagon from Baluardmodels

Others related railway items : 1/144 scale
ED22057 - Photo-etched for Hasegawa kit from Eduard / US$29.95
The Reviewer : 1/35 scale
Dragon kit - PMMS by Terry Ashley more
Trumpeter kit - PMMS by Terry Ashley more
Comparison between Dragon and Trumpeter kit - PMMS by Terry Ashley more
Hyperscale by Michael Boyd more
Who sell ? : 1/35 scale more
e-Hobbyland - US$69.99 more PlastikModell  more
Greatmodels - US$85.00 more  
Trident Hobbies - US$82.99 more  
Internet Hobbies - US$93.45 more  
Squadron - US$99.97 more - Trumpeter model  
Cyber Hobby - ?? more  
Historex Agent -  more Ironside model  
Hometown Hobbies - US$82.00 more  
Discountmodels - US$79..99 more  
Modeling Madness Specials - US$80.00 more  

Internet Hobbies

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