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Karl Morser heavy mortar

Scale Model Image Gallery - Joeri

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Model built by Joeri Michiels click to expand
Scale : 1/35
Brand : N.A.
Turn table : scratch built / Final limited production
Type (Prototype)  : Paper, cardboard, wood, plastic sheet
Type (Prodction)  : Plastic, Resin and Metal
Courtesy of Joeri Michiels from Belgium Belgium

A Short description from Joeri :
After talking to people and searching for books and good reference photo's, I started 2 years ago,  in  April 2003,
With my project: Vögele turnplatte with K5(e) on it. It was a hard search  (no maps available and scratch build period,
no parts are for sale in the shops.  I started with a paper model and after that I made  one in wood  the  one you can see on the photo's.
For such a project its necessary you have a lot of pictures from different angle and sights so you can made drawings for yourself.
Also the talks with people who served with this things help out a lot. 
Enjoy the photo's, more is coming as soon  it is painted. But it was worth doing it.

my references are: 

Deutche Eisenbahn Geschütze :  Gerard Taube  (motor Buch Verslag)
es Batteries Côtières en France vol 2: Alain Chazette (editions Histoire & Fortifications)
Waffen- Arsenal highlight band 6 Deutche Eisenbähngeschütze ( Joachim Engelman)
Waffen- Arsenal  sonderband S29 Geschütze am Atlantikwall 1942-1945  ( Karl-Heinz und Michael Scheelke)
Waffen- Arsenal  band 130  500 Jahre Deutche Riesenkanonen  : Gerard Taube 
Waffen- Arsenal  Fernkampfgeschütze am Kanal  :  ( Karl-Heinz und Michael Scheelke)
German railroad guns in action : sqadron/signal publications  armor nr 15
Waffen -revue 69
Waffen -revue 69

BR52 Dampflokomotive

Vögele turnplatte - Final Product click to expand

Finally, Mr.Joeri Michiels has completed the Vögele turnplatte in 1/35 scale, with limited production for serious modelers.
You could order direct to him. More details will be posted later...

2 versions can be modelled with the pieces in the box:
short (short Bruno) or long version (Leopold).
Designed for: - k5(E) 28 cm “Leopold” for the following brands Dragon* / Trumpeter* / Ironside*
- 15 cm / 17 cm/ 21 cm /24 cm “Bruno’s”
- * not included in the box !!
Materials : resin / plastic/ metal


The” Vögele” platform was mainly used in France in the coastal regions, around Calais, in Italy and Russia. This combination of railwaygun and Vögele turnplate was often used in W.W. II by the German whermacht. The platform enable them to traverse the railwaygun through 360° in either direction.
The average time to set up the gun and platform for use was 48 hours. It took 24 hours to construct te turning circle rails and another 24 hours to construct the mounting platform and transfer the gun and carriage on to the platform. The platform was developed by “Krupp” and named after the chief engineer “Vögele”. He controlled the whole development program.
The main problems where the platform had to be portable, strong and able to be used with different railway guns. When the gun was fired thes was a massive re-coil that had to be counter – acted by the hydraulic cylinders on the head of the platform.
In times of emergencies or times of air-raids the whole circle was covered with camouflage nets and foliage and the railway gun was hidden in a kathedral shelter or a railway tunnel .
2 types of platforms were used a short and long version. All the parts where the same only a few small parts where different like the turning gear and Crank system also under the hydralic cylinders head the metal parts where round ore square profile.
The gun carriage, platform and crew where moved around by two trains. Non of these platforms have survived the W.W. II.

All info contact : please contact me for detail (Spamming prevention)
Extra: decal set or rail set for making 360 ° is also available.

Greg Heuer collections

1/35 scale Vögele Turntable :

1/35 scale Vogele Turntable

1/35 scale Vogele Turntable 1/35 scale Vogele Turntable
1/35 scale Vogele Turntable 1/35 scale Vogele Turntable
1/35 scale Vogele Turntable 1/35 scale Vogele Turntable

Vogele Turnplatte for K5E

Vogele Turnplatte for K5E Vogele Turnplatte for K5E
Vogele Turnplatte for K5E Vogele Turnplatte for K5E

Vögele turnplatte - under construction click to expand

K5 turntable by Joeri

Vögele turnplatte Vögele turnplatte Vögele turnplatte
Vögele turnplatte Vögele turnplatte Vögele turnplatte
Vögele turnplatte Vögele turnplatte Vögele turnplatte
K5e chassis K5e chassis K5e chassis

Acknowledgment :
I would like to thanks above mentioned,  who have allowed the use of pictures.

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