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Bionix II courtesy from Mindef
Courtesy from Ministry of Defense, Republic of Singapore
The Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) is jointly developed by the Singapore Armed Forces, the Defence Science and Technology Agency, and Singapore Technologies Engineering. The Bionix II is purpose-built as a network capable platform to enable it to operate effectively as part of the 3rd Generation Army. The new platform is also able to deliver more accurate and lethal firepower while providing enhanced crew protection.

Bionix II Capability Enhancements
Incorporating new C4I capabilities, the Bionix II will be a key component of the 3rd Generation Army that seeks to deliver precision in manoeuvre, information and strike:

Force Connectivity

The Battlefield Management System (BMS) enables the prompt sharing of information about locations and movements of friendly and enemy forces in a fully networked environment. This capability in the Bionix II enables the Headquarters (HQ) to command and control its deployed forces more effectively

Interoperability with Sensor and Strike Assets
The BMS onboard the Bionix II will enable the command HQs to coordinate the employment of various sensor and strike assets such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the Primus Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH), and the Bronco Mortar Tracked Carrier (MTC).

In addition, the Bionix II also has enhanced firepower, engagement and survivability,
Compared to the 25 mm cannon on the original Bionix, the Bionix II is fitted with a 30 mm cannon which delivers an estimated 50% increase in penetration capability
Bionix II - courtesy from Mindef

Better Fire Control System
The Day / Night Thermal Sighting System (DNTSS) is an improved version of the sighting system on the original Bionix. It includes an integrated eye-safe laser range finder for accurate target acquisition of up to 3 kilometres. The dual-axis stabilisation system allows enhanced tracking of targets and improves the overall First Round Hit Probability

Enhanced Survivability
The Bionix II features an estimated 50% improved protection against conventional weapons and chemical threats.
From The Straits Times
David Boey
By David Boey - Defense Correspondent-October 24th 2006
SAF's new battle system allows tracking of units
The future has arrived for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) : For the first time, it has deployed a battlefield computer system that allows troops to track friendly forces as well as enemy units. The home grown system has been deployed in two new armored vehicles which have come into service with the 42nd Battalion, Singapore Armored Regiment (42 SAR).
The system is central to the SAF's drive to be high-tech, third generation fighting force. With it, the vehicles and soldiers are constantly given sucure updates on the positions of both friendly troops and the enemy - all in near real time.
On screens inside the vehicles, friendly units are marked with blue icons, while an enemy force appear in red. The system will help improve the situational awareness of SAF units, reduce confusion on the battlefield - known as the "fog of war" - and help troops avoid friendly fire casualties.
The vehicles that will be equipped with the Battlefield Management System - the Bionix 2 AFV and all new Mortar tracked carrier - are both made in Singapore. The mortar carrier allows 42 SAR to rain 120mm shells down on enemy positions at a rate of one every six seconds.
The Bionix 2 is an upgrade over existing weapons system. In addition to getting a better fighting "brain", it will also pack more of a wallop. Its main gun is now a 30mm Bushmaster cannon, instead of the 25mm version. Its maker, Singapore Technologies Kinetics, has also given the Bionix 2 stronger armor and improved protection against anti-armor mines.
The system is the result of a two year partnership between the Army, defence company Singapore Technologies Electronics and the Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA).
It compliments, but does not replace, radio communications - on which the enemy can eavesdrop, or jam - and the old but reliable system of signalling using hand held flags.
Lieutenant Francis Ng, 22, a 42 SAR platoon commander, said " beside knowing where we are, there's an SMS function which works just like a cellphone. You use it to send information  to other vehicles or call for fire support, as you know the exact position of the enemy and your own troops.



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