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Bionix IFV - The official Commissioning Day
Bionix IFV - Commissioning Day


All information extracted from the above brochure, 
with approved written permission and acknowledgement from the
Ministry of Defence, Republic of Singapore

Ministry of Defence - Republic of Singapore
Bionix History of Development - The Final Prototypes  (1995 - 1997)

Bionix IFV - Testbed

After months of design discussion and refinement, the design of the final prototypes was frozen in late 1994. A contract was awarded for STA to design and develop three Final Prototypes (FP) and 1 Pre-Production Model (PPM) for the IFV variant, as well as series production.

The entering into the Final Prototype phase demonstrated the maturity and spirit of the tri-partite in the developmental process. The team had achieved sufficient technical expertise and project management skill to handle the tremendous task of managing the FPs' development. The major activity of the FP phase is to conduct extensive RDGT (Reliability Development Growth Testing) for the running gear and the turret systems.

Between July 1995 and June 1996, all the four vehicles were assembled and rolled out for testing. The IFV25 variant is equipped with a 2-man turret mounted with a M242 25mm automatic cannon driven by General Dynamics Turret Drive System. The IFV 40/50 variant is equipped with a twin weapon ODE 40/50 Cupola powered by a two axis electric drive system. To date, the FPs have gone through intensive land and amphibious performance qualifications and RDGT. More than 1000 rounds were fired from the cannon, while more than 30,000 km were clocked from the four vehicles. 
IFV 40/50 IFV 25

VIPsPublic Announcement
In March 1997, all the tests for the FPs were completed. That marked another new beginning in our growth - the freezing of the design and entering into full series production. DPM Tony Tan announced the successful development of the IFV vehicles on 26 March 1997. He commended on the tri-partite arrangement in the project team which provided a well balanced and comprehensive approach for the project. He also announced MINDEF's intention to acquire these vehicles and deliver them in large quantities to the SAF units. At the same time, he also flagged off a vehicle naming contest.

Beginning in Jan 1990, since the assembly of the first vehicle, 9 trial platforms were fabricated for testing in 7 short years. The successful project pointed to the dedication and determination of the project team to make this project a success. The success also point to the project team's ability in making sound technical judgment in the use of technology, professionalism in adopting a systematic approach, and last but not least the innovativeness in overcoming various design.

VIP's Visit And Public Displays
Throughout the development phases of the IFV testbeds and final prototypes, a series of visits by VIPs were held to familiarize the VIPs to the IFVs and many sat behind the wheel to take control of the 23 ton giant through the famous Sungei Gedong terrain.

The public was also given the opportunity to get close to the vehicles through several public displays, such as at the combined Passing out Parade etc.

The Comments :

Mr. Pek Chong Guat, Project manager : 
  We wanted a superb IFV, a satisfied user and a happy contractor.

Mr. Loh Heng Fong, Chassis Project Chief Engineer : 
  I feel great to work with the project team. We had gone through a very difficult time. With all the efforts we put in, I am proud to tell people   that the vehicle is made in Singapore.

1WO Tan Yew Koon, Armament Specialist :
  It is just that feeling of satisfaction as I see the vehicle developing from stage to stage, from the experimental stage to testbed to prototype to production. It is the sense of pride and confidence to know that we have done it right.

Mr. Richard Kwok, Turret Project Chief Engineer :
  We strive to design, develop and integrate the most unique technologies on our system to achieve customer satisfaction and technical excellence.

Mr.Fong Saik Hay, Project Director. STA :
  We we first started, we decided that we wanted to do it the harder way without linking up with an established player. We are glad we pulled it off so that this is truly an indigenous effort with unique features which only we know. Our salute to all who envisioned, shaped and made the IFV.

3SG Yeo Suan Zi, Armor :
  The thrill of the vehicle speeding down the bumpy terrain smoothly is certainly exhilarating.

SWO Teo Hak Bak, Technical Officer :
  I have worked on armor vehicles for 28 years, driven all the track vehicles in the SAF and quite a few in the United States : SM1, M113, AMX-10, M728, M60A1, Wiesel, Stingray, etc. You name it, I have tried it. With my experience, I dare to say that our Infantry Fighting Vehicle is the best.

CPT Jason Lee, Armor :
  All the hard work and effort has finally bear fruit with the promise of a great vehicle in the making.



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