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SAFTI open house 2004

Combat Vehicle Tactical Engagement System (CVTESS)
Vehicle hit indicatorOscmar Vehicle Systems provide targets, weapon systems simulators and hit indication. The target systems are generic and can detect threats from laser based vehicle weapon simulators, anti-armor weapon simulators, selected smaller arms and also radio based anti-vehicle land mine simulators. The weapon simulators simulate the actual weapons installed on the vehicle and may be interfaced to the vehicle fire control system. Furthermore hit indication is provided for both inside and outside of the vehicle and an information unit to show status and events is available.

In the CVTESS system, vehicles are fitted with one or more Vehicle Hit Indicators (VHI) and Radio Laser Detector Modules (RLDM) are attached to strategic spots on the vehicle to provide complete vulnerability coverage to the vehicle. VHIs and RLDMs communicate over the radio network; no wiring is required. VHIs and RLDMs detect coded laser beam fire and radio signals from 'detonated' mine simulators. Post-exercise, using an UCG, data maybe downloaded from the VHI and transferred to CAS for after action review. A Vehicle Information Unit (VIU) is also available to be placed inside the vehicle to provide hit indication and inflict hits to the in-cabin crew and interface with the vehicle weapon trigger system. CVTESS system requires no modification to the vehicle nor it interferes with its normal operation.

The Oscmar CVTESS system can be extended for use in the Combat Training Centre (CTC) application  where a Player Unit (PU) is fitted to the VHI which communicates in real-time with the exercise control and recording equipment located remotely.

Vehicle Hit Indicators
Radio Laser Detector Modules
OSCMAR International
 courtesy from OSCMAR
Radio Laser Detector Modules (RLDM)
Radio Laser Detector Modules (RLDM) on Turret
Radio Laser Detector Modules (RLDM) Radio Laser Detector Modules (RLDM)
Radio Laser Detector Modules (RLDM) Radio Laser Detector Modules (RLDM)
Vehicle Hit Indicators (VHI)  
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