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Gun on the Atlantic wall 1942 - 1945

Item 135 : Guns on the Atlantic wall  1942-1945
Covers the various sizes and positions of the heavy German guns along the Atlantic coast, used for everything from the disruption of Allied shipping and troop emplacements, to defending and protecting the German front line troops against the Allied invasion.
Softbd., 8 1/2" x 11", 48 pgs.,
100 b&w ill.

Karl Heinz



Rommel in his own words

Item 136 : Rommel in his own words
In this compelling book, Rommel himself, one of the most successful commanders of World War II and certainly the most well-known, writes about his views on the philosophy of warfare, battles, leaders, and the progress of both world wars. A  complete picture of how a military genius grappled with the actuality of war is presented through Rommel's accounts of his experiences as a soldier in World War I, and through newly translated extracts from letters, orders and the narratives of daily action in world War II that he dictated each evening. The commentary by Dr.Pimlott sets Rommel's writing in context, describing the background to the great general's ideas and the way his plans were affected by circumstances beyond his control. The result is an outstanding insight into Rommel's military career, written from an objective viewpoint.
Hdbd., 7 3/4" x 9 3/4", 192 pgs.,
with b&w photos and b&w ill.

Dr.John Pimlott



Armoured Fighting Vehicles Data Book

Item 137 : Armoured Fighting Vehicles Data Book
This book covers the history of AFVs from Little Willy and the earth-shattering prototypes of World War I, to classics like Sherman, Tiger and T34 tanks, lesser known AFVs such as chi-Ha, and the ultra-modern vehicles of today's armies such as the SP2000. Combining meticulous analysis with detailed data, this is a significant addition to literature on military vehicles and a unique guide to the world's AFVs.
Softbd., 7 3/4" x 10", 368 pgs.,with b&w ill.
Recommended Reading by One35th

Ian V. Hogg



Soviet/Russian Armor and Artillery Design Practice 1945  to present Item 138 : Soviet/Russian Armor and Artillery Design Practice : 1945 to Present
In depth and detailed discussions of Soviet/Russian tanks, armored fighting vehicles, airborne armored fighting vehicles, anti-tank guided missiles, short range ballistic missiles, multiple rocket launcher systems, self-propelled and towed artillery designs. Contains well over 400 photographs or prototype and series production models, many of which have never before been published. Valuable insights into the 'Whats', 'Why', and 'Wherefores' of past Soviet/Russian armor and artillery designs.
Hdbd., 8 3/4" x 11 1/4", 448 pgs.,460 b&w ill.
Recommended Reading by One35th
Andrew W.Hull
David R.Markov
Steven J.Zaloga
U boats in camera Item 139 : U-Boats in Camera
This book describes the life of a German U-boat from construction through to active service, and looks at commissioning, sea trials and the first patrol of a typical boat during the Second World War. This extensively illustrated book also offers a rare glimpse of domestic life on board a German U-Boat, focusing on what the ordinary seaman would have seen and experienced during his first weeks aboard a brand new boat. The author draws on the extensive archives of the U-Boot-Archiv, which is one of the world's leading sources of information on U-boats, and many of the photographs that appear in this book are previously unpublished. It affords a rare and fascinating insight into this much feared weapon of the Second World War, and will appeal to all with an interest in the armed forces of the Third Reich.
Hdbd., 7 3/4" x 10 1/4", 138 pgs.,200 b&w ill.
Jak P.
Mallmann Showell
Sutton 0-7509-1557-9
The German Soldier in World War II Item 140 : The German Soldier in World War II
This book is a graphic portrait of the life of the private soldier in the army of the Third Reich, containing first hand accounts from German Army veterans who served in the war and over 100 action photographs that convey every aspect of what it was like to be a German soldier in World War II.
Hdbd., 7 1/2" x 9 1/2", 192 pgs.,110 b&w ill.

MBI 0-7603-0846-2
Schwere Panzer in detail

Item 141 : Schwere Panzer in Detail
Tiger II, Jagdtiger, Elefant
This exceptionally produced volume chronicles the Henschel "Königstiger", the companion "Jagdtiger" self-propelled antitank gun, and the less well known "Ferdinand" self propelled weapon designed by Dr.Ferdinand Porsche. These schwere panzers provided the panzer formations with a balance of very effective weapons, heavy armor protection, and the ability to affect the outcome of battles at very long range.
Hdbd., 11 3/4" x 8 3/4", 170 pgs.,
400 b&w ill., 11 color pgs.
Recommended Reading by One35th
Bruce Culver
Uwe Feist
Ryton 0-9633824-9-7
Sturmgeschutz Item 152 : Sturmgeschütz
Creation of a weapon for the artillery, The armored fist of the infantry, Facing difficult task, From assault gun to tank destroyer, in the attack and defense, Re-organization to meet changing demand, tactics, Limits of capability, in the final year of the war, unit 667, Ritterkruezträger, Production, drive train, Gun sight, 7.5cm Stu.K.40, The MG shield, Coaxial MG mounting, Remote-control Machine gun, Running gear, tracks, Clutch, Fuel tank, Saukopfblende, Ostkette, Scale drawings by John Rue.
Hdbd., 11 3/4" x 8 3/4", 264 pgs.,
b&w ill. and color pgs.
Recommended Reading by One35th
Uwe Feist
Ryton N.A.
Allied Axis, tank transporter of WWII Item 153 : Allied-Axis, Tank Transporters of WWII
Contents include :
Schwerer Zugkraftwagen "FAMO" and Tiefladenanhänger Sd.Ah.116, Dragon wagon, M25 Truck-Trailer 40-ton tank recovery vehicle, M26 12-ton 6x6 truck; M26A1 12-ton 6x6 truck; M15 semi trailer 40-ton transporter and M15A1 semi trailer 40-ton transporter, M3A1 white scout car.
Sftbd, 11 3/4" x 8 3/4", 96 pgs.
b&w ill.
N.A. Ampersand N.A.
Die Seehund Klein U-Boote

Item 142 : Die Seehunde - Klein-U-Boote
Diese zusammenhängende Darstellung dokumentiert erstmals in aller Ausführlichkeit die Technikgeschichte und den Einsatz sowie die Nachkriegsgeschichte der deutschen Klein-U-Boote des Typs SEEHUND.
Klaus Mattes suchte und fand die benötigten Unterlagen in deutschen, britischen, niederländischen und amerikanischen Archiven. Er wertete zudem Berichte von Zeitzeugen aus und informierte sich umfassend in Museen, Institutionen und Vereinen. Das reichhaltige Fotomaterial, die Liste der gefallenen SEEHUND-Fahrer und die Behandlung der noch vorhandenen Klein-U-Boote des Typs HECHT und SEEHUND komplettiren die ummfangreiche Arbeit.
Mit diesem Buch ist es dem Autor gelungen, eine Lücke in der öffentlich betrachteten Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkrieges zu schließen.
Hdbd., 8 1/2" x 10 3/4", 224 pgs.,
Recommended Reading by One35th
b&w ill. German text Germany
Klaus Mattes Verlag
& Sohn
Seehund Pocket Submarine
Defending the Lion city - The Armed Forces of Singapore Item 147 : Defending the Lion City
The Armed Forces of Singapore

The first ever major study of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), provides a comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of Singapore's impressive military capability and the strategic outlook and policies which have shaped it. The book analyses the roles, structure, training and logistic arrangements of each branch of the SAF - army, air force and navy - as well as recent moves to enhance combined arms and joints service capabilities. It investigates Singapore's growing military cooperation with other armed forces in the region and further a field, and assesses the SAF's personnel policies, the role of SAF officers in politics and civilian administration, and Singapore's burgeoning defence - industrial capability. In light of the crucial role the SAF plays in maintaining the stability of Singapore, Defending the Lion City also asks the question : What are the areas of potential vulnerability in Singapore's defence posture ?
softbd., 6" x 9", 335 pgs.,
with maps and organizations charts
Tim Huxley Allen
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