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Models and Accessories - My Wish List
No. Description Scale Brand Code

Accurate Armour


Oshkosh M1070/M1000 HET

This extensive 1/35th scale model kit by David Jane and Derek Hansen depicts the modern U.S.Army 'Super' Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET), which comprises the Oshkosh M1070 Tractor and SEI M1000 Semi-trailer combination. This is our fourth tank transporter model, which has been developed over a period of two years, with the full support of the OEM's, and our many friends around the world. The model features cab interior, full suspension and drive train, steering axles on tractor and semi-trailer, all tools and fittings and full colour decals. The Tractor and Semi-trailer are also available as K153T and K153S respectively, and further pictures of both are available on this web site under the above product codes.
Courtesy from Accurate Armour

1/35 Accurate Armour K153
2. AS90 155mm 52Cal S.P.
Made with the full co-operation of the manufacturer, VSEL (Now BAE Systems), this extensively detailed and exact 1/35th scale model by Derek Hansen has 5 opening hatches, partial internal ammunition stowage detail, etched mesh basket and detail fittings set. A full colour decal set and woven brass towing cable are also included. This version of AS90 is the 'Braveheart' with the new 52 Cal 155mm barrel, realistic 'sagged' recoil cover, correct pattern 'Long' travel lock and features extensive and well researched fine detail. Decals included are also available separately as DEK061
1/35 Accurate Armour K061B
3. British X-Craft Mini Submarine
This 1/35th scale complete hull model by Jon Bottomley depicts the 'Broadbent' type of X-craft from the X-5 to X10 and X20 to X25 production series. The only weapons carried by these 4 man machines were two massive 'saddle' charges, each containing 3,750lb of Amatex (Amatol/RDX mix). The most famous operations undertaken by these craft inflicted massive damage on the German Battleship TIRPITZ in Norway, (Operation SOURCE), and the safe guiding in of the Eastern landing force assault wave onto the D-Day landing beaches on 6th June 1944 (Operation GAMBIT). The complete hull model is 18" (46cm) long, cast in three solid sections, with separate saddle charges. A combination of resin and metal castings are provided for all other details. Hatches and vision scuttles can be depicted open or closed and mooring cables and shackles are included. Released in the year that the UK celebrates 100 years of the Submarine service. We are based at a Shipyard on the Clyde after all!
Courtesy from Accurate Armor
1/35 Accurate Armour S09
4. OSHKOSH 1070F Tractor & King GTS100/7 Trailer
OSHKOSH 1070F Tractor & King GTS100/7 Trailer
The OSHKOSH 1070F Tractor & King GTS100/7 Trailer combination is the new UK HET (Heavy Equipment Transporter) which will be in full service from July 6th 2004.The UK HET will replace the venerable Scammell Commander (see our kit K060) which has provided wonderful service throughout its long hard working life.
This massive transporter can carry all UK combat vehicles such as the Challenger-2 MBT,  Warrior IFV (2 off!), ISO containers, indeed any load you can imagine, (and many you can't!). The M1070F is based on the US Army M1070 Tractor (see our kit K153T), and shares some of the chassis and drive-train items, but is completely reworked externally for UK use and fitted with a larger engine. The GTS100/7 Trailer by King is all new. All up Gross Train Weight (GTW) for a fully loaded HET is 118 Tonnes. Maximum speed is 50 mph.
This massive model by David Jane and Rob Tearle was designed and produced by us with the full co-operation of Fasttrax, Oshkosh and King. We are delighted to say that Accurate Armour are presently supplying these models and our Challenger-2 to the defence industry consortium to mark 'The UK's largest ever heavy haulage equipment contract'.
This 1/35th scale model includes full interior detail, engine, suspension and transmission, stowage, etched brass detail set, glazing and full colour decals. The completed model is 26.5" (673mm) long, 4" (101mm) wide and 4.25" (118mm) high. Further details for the tractor and trailer can be found by selecting products K154T and K154S.

Courtesy from Accurate Armour

1/35 Accurate Armour K154
5. Alvis Stalwart REME Fitters Vehicle
Alvis Stalwart REME from Accurate Armour
The Alvis Stalwart is a true legend among all terrain vehicle enthusiasts. This unique 6x6 swimming vehicle was designed as a high capacity 5 Ton High Mobility Load Carrier (HMLC), and saw extensive service over several decades in all theatres of operation with the British Army. It is true to say that this was one of the best designed vehicles (from any nation) of the post war era, and one of the most popular and well loved vehicles on the vehicle rally circuit today.

This 1/35th scale Resin model by Jon Bottomley depicts the FV624 REME Fitters version with Atlas crane. The model features full suspension, accurate tyres with subtle bulging, cab internal details, extensive etched brass detail set and full colour decals.
Courtesy from Accurate Armour

1/35 Accurate Armour K162

Miscellaneous Special Collection

1. Hetzer late box art
Hetzer late from Eduard
Hetzer early
German WWII Tank Destroyer, Ready to assemble model Kit (Early and late)
Accurately reproduced crew compartment, complete Praga AE 160k engine, movable 7,5 cm Pak 39 anti-tank gun (two versions) with ammunition, realistic plastic tracks, clear periscopes, four lifelike crew figures, four marking and painting options, realistic photo-etched grids and tool clips, detailed step by step assembly instructions
1/35 Eduard 3711
2. P-40
Complete resin kit self-propelled surveillance radar 1RL128D on tracked U426 chassis, photo-etch, decals, EXTRA LONG Friul metal tracks ATL-11, metal antanna Model
1/35 PanzerShop PS35C01X
3. COD-0001

employed in: Somalia 1993
note: complete resin kit, decals and photoetched parts for 3 versions
1/35 Model
Model Victoria
4. COD-0002

employed in: ex Yugoslavia, Iraq
note: complete resin kit, decals and photoetched parts for 3 versions
1/35 Model
Model Victoria
5. Military wheel loader
More about this items from source
Our resin Military Front End Loader kit provides the modeler with both a bucket and mount with forks. The forks can be slid back and forth along the mount just like on the actual vehicle. Are kit has been designed to permit the modeler to attach the bucket and forks without the use of glue, allowing he or she to interchange these parts as often as they wish. All of the hydraulic cylinders can be constructed allowing Modelers the freedom to reposition the boom and shovel as frequently as they want. The detachable bucket and forks, movable hydraulics and changeable steering allow the modeler an ever changing unique piece for their collection
1/35 MIG Productions MP35-266
6. DRG Class 55
German State Railroad Company (DRG) class 55 general-purpose locomotive. Former Prussian G 8.1.

Heavy metal frame. All axles powered through side rods. 2 traction tires. High-efficiency electronic circuit for operation with DC power, AC power or Märklin Digital and Delta. Additional function decoder. Headlights are maintenance-free LED's. Headlights, engineer's cab lighting, and built-in smoke generator will work in conventional operation (and Delta) and can be turned on and off digitally. Locomotive whistle and running gear lights as well as acceleration and braking delay can be controlled digitally with the 6021 Control Unit. Sounds of a steam locomotive in operation can be turned on and off manually in the tender. Engineer's cab doors can be opened. Tender has a layer of real hard coal in it. Figures of a locomotive engineer and fireman, piston rod protector tubes, prototype couplers and brake hoses included with the locomotive. Minimum radius required for operation is 1,020 mm / 40-3/16". Length over buffers is 57.4 cm / 22-5/8".
1/32 Marklin Gauge 1 55152
7. Br86
BR-86 Krieglokomotive
1/35 CMK RA022
8. BR52 armored
BR-52 Krieglokomotive armored
1/35 CMK RA031
9. Transportwagen-Maus
1/35 CMK RA029
10. VII C Submarine in 1/32 scale from andrea-Miniatures
Type VII C German World War II Full Hull Submarine in 1/32 scale
Limited Production Series
Photo Courtesy from Andrea-Miniatures
1/32 Andrea-Miniatures LP-02
11. Diesel Locomotive ER360-C14
Diesel Locomotive
1/35 Baluard F35028



Full motion control via a improved DMD T-07 unit -- adding synchronized sound to every action (forward, reverse, turns, pivoting, turret rotation, barrel elevation). Also now the 7.2V battery unit is located in the turret, allowing easy maintenance
Authentic sound system recreates all of the sounds for the above actions, plus starting, idling and shutdown. Tamiya digitally recorded the working MTU MB873-Ka501 turbo charged engine in Germany just for this kit!
Firing of the main gun and co-axial machinegun is accompanied by a strobe flash, and sound and barrel recoil/hull kickback for the ultimate in realism. The elevetion of the main gun automatically returns to the loading angle after each firing, as does that of the actual tank. The co-axial machine gun also flashes with synchronized sound. The turret is fitted with 20 supporting steel balls at the turret ring, enabling smooth rotation. Also when rotating the turret with the depressed barrel, rotation automatically stops and the barrel is elevated to avoid the engine deck, and rotation resumes!
Die-cast drive sprocket wheels and rubber-rimmed road wheels. Metal torsion bars give an excellent performance for negotiating uneven ground. Tracks (assembled) are the double pin type and have rubber pads on contact surfaces. The gun barrel is made of lathed aluminum. Photo etched engine grilles are included, and the bottom of the turret stowage bucket is included as a photo-etched part as well. The tank offers several patterns of illumination with the caution light on the turret roof, and head and taillights on the hull.
Comes with everything you need to make it run, including a 4-channel radio controller and receiver, 7.2V batteries and charger (batteries for radio not included), and all the inner mechanisms required to accomplish the features listed above.

1/16 Tamiya 56019
2. LAV - JGSDF JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle 1/35 Tamiya 35275
3. Steyr Commander's car 1/35 Tamiya 35235
4. T-55 1/35 Tamiya 35257
5. Marder III M 1/35 Tamiya 35255
6. Krupp Protze 1t Kfz.69 w/3.7cm Pak 1/35 Tamiya 35259
7. RC 1/16 tiger I RC Tiger I more 1/16 Tamiya 56010
8. 1/16 RC KIng Tiger King Tiger more 1/16 Tamiya 56204
9. BR64 Steam Locomotive 1/35 CMK ?
10. Merkava III 1/35 Academy 139
11. Pzkpfw Ia/FlammPanzer I 1/35 HiPM 35001


1. Sd.kfz 2 Kleines Kettenkrad with Püppchen 1/35 Dragon 6114
2. Sdkfz. 250/5 Neu le Beob.Pz.Wg. 1/35 Dragon 6141
3. Karl Morser from Dragon Karl Morser more 1/35 Dragon 6179
4. K5 (E) from Dragon K5 Eisenbahngeschütz more 1/35 Dragon 6200
5. StuG III Ausf G StuG III Ausf G 1/35 Dragon 9058
6. Hummel Hummel Sd.kfz. 165 initial 1/35 Dragon 6150
7. Sd.kfz 250/1 SPW "Alte Ausf" 1/35 Dragon 6117
8. Panzer IB Panzer I Ausf B Sd.Kfz. 101 1/35 Dragon 6186

Precision Models

9. 17cm K.18 in Mrs. Laf. Matterhorn 1/35 PM 35.011.C
10. 21cm Mrs. 18 Brummbar 1/35 PM 35.016.C
11. R.R.H. Horchgerät and Protze 1/35 PM 35.040.B
12. Pzkpfw. II Ausf. L "Luchs" 1/35 ICM 35121


1. Sweden Strv 103C MBT 1/35 Trumpeter 00310
2. British AS-90 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer 1/35 Trumpeter 00324
3. JGSDF Type 89 IFV 1/35 Trumpeter 00325
4. Brasil EE-T2 OSORIO 1/35 Trumpeter 00333
5. Ariete MBT Ariete Main Battle Tank 1/35 Trumpeter 00332
6. Israel Ti-67 105mm Gun 1/35 Trumpeter 00339
7. K5 model from Trumpeter K5 Eisenbahngeschütz - Railway Gun more 1/35 Trumpeter 0207
8. FAUN Tank Transporter FAUN 'Elefant' Panzertransporter 1/35 Trumpeter 00203
9 KArl with transportation Karl 54mm Heavy Mortar with Railway Transportation 1/35 Trumpeter 209
11. Karl Heavy mortar with railway transportation - initial version 1/35 Trumpeter 208
12. BR52 WWII German Steam locomotive BR52  1/35 Trumpeter TCM210
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