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Greater MobilityGreater Mobility
Introducing Singapore's TERREX AV81 - mission driven for future operational requirements. Representing a new class of mission - critical vehicles, the TERREX AV81 is equipped with significant survivability features to offer these fighting advantages :

The TERREX AV81 is equipped with an independent suspension system, which greatly improves ground mobility and ride comfort over the roughest terrain. The capacity for large footprint off-road tires enables the TERREX AV81 to traverse at unprecedented speeds in soft ground conditions.

Its mobility is further enhanced by a built in central tires inflation system, allowing automated inflation and deflation of tires to suit different terrain while on the move. The all wheel anti-lock brake system (ABS) improves the safety of the crew, allowing better control of the vehicle in operation.

Enhanced Protection
The TERREX AV81 can be equipped with a fully passive armor suite that is designed to provide effective all round protection against identified threats.
Equipped with an external V-hull, the TERREX AV81 is able to survive a mine blast and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection in extreme operational conditions.
Modular DesignModular Design
With a 10 tons payload, the TERREX AV81 has great potential for technology insertion. Depending on the user's needs, different powerpacks, appliqué armor kits, etc can be incorporated into the vehicles.
The TERREX AV81 can be equipped with a modular top-deck to facilitate configurational changes to carry different weapon systems or mission equipment.

Rapid Deployment
For strategic deployment of forces, the low profiled, light weight TERREX AV81 is air deployable by C-130s and other similar cargo aircrafts.

Reduced Logistic Support
Careful design and manufacturing techniques enable excellent reliability and reduced life cycle costs for the entire vehicle. An internal volume of 11m³ allows the TERREX AV81 to carry more crew and ammunitions.
The TERREX AV81 family of vehicles has a high level of systems commonality, reducing logistics footprint for both whole life cycle management and battlefield supportability. The significant level of locally supplied items and in country manufacture will ensure availability of strategic support within NATO and EU.

TERREX AV81 APC variantsTERREX AV81 Mortar variants
TERREX AV81 Medical variantsTERREX AV81 recovery variants

TERREX AV81 Product BrochureCourtesy from Kinetics Marketing Group
Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd
The above information was extracted from the TERREX AV81 Brochure

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