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Photo Tools name Description / Application
ss_driverset.jpg (10813 bytes) Jeweler screwdriver
box set
Two jewelers screwdriver sets with nickel-plated bodies and blackened steel shafts. set supplied in rigid plastic cases.
11 piece combination set, comprises one each 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.8, 2.4, 3 mm flat blades and 1.4, 1.6, 2, 2.4 and 3 mm diameter crosshead tip blades.
ss_drillkit.jpg (8987 bytes) Miniature Power Drill AC230 input with DC12V transformer, variable speed.
flexible shaft Flexible shaft Convert the about unti into a flexible shaft machine,  the pen-size hand piece gets you into the tightest spots. Accepts all rotary accessories and drill bits from 1/32" to 1/8".
ss_magnifier.jpg (6647 bytes) Binocular Magnifier A lightweight assembly of binocular x2.7 lenses in a black ABS frame with adjustable headband. Spectacles can be worn underneath. Interchangeable x1.8 and x3.5 lenses are available.
Clip on Magnifier This clip-on hi- power magnifier (4.75x / 15d ) from COIL, suitable for people who wear specticle.

ss_mtorch.jpg (7392 bytes)

Micro Torch A general purpose gas torch with a refillable butane tank. Refilling can be carried out using a standard butane gas aerosol. The flame is ignited instantly using the built-in electronic ignition button, and is adjustable for both length and temperature. The torch can be stood on its removable base when not in use.
Max. flame temp. = 1300 C
Flame size = 12 - 32 mm
Working time = 90 min. approx.
Tank capacity = 28 g
ss_solderkit.jpg (7172 bytes) Pen size Micro-Torch
4 in 1- full Portable :
- Gas Soldering Iron
- Blow Torch
- Hot blow
- Hot Knife
with no cords or batteries, heavy duty tip temperature adjustable up to 400C, equivalent to 10-60 watts, with average continuous working of 90 minutes, refills in seconds, powered by standard butane gas lighter fuel.
ss_spatula.gif (20026 bytes) Miniature Spatula set Ideal for mixing epoxy, forming fillets, spreading body filler.
  Paint stirrer From Tamiya - 74017
ss_brushes.jpg (3915 bytes) Brush General purpose - cleaning
Tool23.jpg (17887 bytes) Artist Brushes Sizes : 0 - 11
badger150-1.jpg (8488 bytes)
airbrush_150.jpg (6004 bytes)
Double action
Read more here
Model 150 bottom feed, dual action, internal tank
The model 150 bottom feed is the most versatile of air-brushes. It is used by fine artists, illustrators,  automotive painters and professional model makers.
It can spray properly reduced artist acrylics, acrylics enamel and lacquers, water colors, inks and dyes, and of course, Air-Opaque air-brush colors.
Features :
Adapts to three different heads by changing the complete head assembly and needle ( XF:extra fine, IL:Medium, HD:Heavy)
- Choice of three reservoirs, 7cc free standing color cup, 22cc and 60cc paint jars.
- Right or left handed use.
- Self lubricating Teflon needle bearing prevents color back up and eliminates wear to needle.
- Teflon head seal - no need to wax heads in place.
- Removable Teflon syphon  tube for easy cleaning.
- Non-slip one piece trigger.
- Pre-set needle adjusting screw for line control
airbasics.jpg (7903 bytes)
airbrush_adaptor.jpg (2485 bytes) Badger Propel Regulator Made of high impact nylon, with metal parts. Adjusts propel can pressure from 10-50 PSI pressure. Control allows for finer adjustments of spray patterns. Prolong life of Propel.
airbrush_50023.jpg (2526 bytes) Pipe Thread Fitting
Adapter 1/4"
Adapts air-hose to compressor.
airbrush_filter.jpg (8573 bytes) In-line Moisture
For use with Badger braided air-hose and air-compressor.
airbrush_hose.jpg (2677 bytes) Heavy duty braided
Air-hose (10 ft.)
Has a swivel connection on both ends; one end for brush, other 1/4" female pipe thread for use with compressor.
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