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Model built by one35th
Scale : 1/35
Model overall size : ~950mm length by 150mm width by 150mm height
Brand : Ironside IRS02
Type  : Resin, Photoetched, Aluminum, Plastics

Stage 3 : Preparation of base, painting, accessories etc.click_to_expand

Step 1 : Preparation of Base
Step 2 : Preparation of Diorama materials
Step 3 : Preparation of Model accessories

Step 4 : Preparation of Granite Ballast
Step 5 : Fabrication of Display Case
Step 6 : Preparation of Ballast onto Diorama Base

Preparation of Base :

Step 1.0
raw base
Base size : 950 x 520 x 20 (mm)
Without any modification
(Discarded shelf)

Step 1.1
base step 2
Construction of
side skirting on base

Step 1.2
base step 3
Construction of
side skirting on base
Step 1.3
base step 4
Semi-completed dioramas base
without lacquer coating
Step 1.4
varnish and thinner
Preparation of Polyurethane varnish (Mahogany) with Thinner,  apply onto side skirts.
Step 1.5
base stage 6
Semi-completed dioramas base after lacquer coating.
Step 1.6
Skirting stone coat
Purchase Textured Paint
for Skirting.
Kit includes : Stone Coat and Clear coat protector.
Step 1.7
pre-spraying preparation
Pre-spraying preparation :
Covered base with newspaper to prevent over spray of paint.
Step 1.8
spraying completed
1st layer spray : Textured paint
Dry for at least 6 hours
2nd layer spray : Clear coat protector
Step 1.9
Final Diorama Base

Step 1.10
Preparation of display
"K5 Eisenbahngeschütz"

Preparation of Diorama materials :

Step 2.0
fine sand
Natural fine sand from beach
Step 2.1
fine grass type 1
Fine grass type 1
Step 2.2
fine grass type 2
Fine grass type 2
Step 2.3
fine grass type 3
field grass type 3
from Life-Like Trains
Step 2.4
medium ballast
Natural granite (1: 29)
from Stoneworks
3 boxes of light gray #2
1 boxes of light gray #1
Step 2.5
fine ballast
Natural granite (fine)
from Life-Like Trains
Step 2.6
Step 2.7
fine sands and branches
Natural sand and small branches 
from beach

Preparation of model accessories :

Step 3.0
Archer Fine Transfer
Purchase German rail car and rail gun markings from
Archer Fine Transfers
Step 3.1
K5 rounds

1/35 scaleK5 28cm Projectile from :
The New-Connection Models
Projectile : Aluminum
propellant : brass
3 sets in a bag
Step 3.2
Preparation of Trees
Step 3.3
Preparation of Trees

Preparation granite ballast :

Step 4.0
inspection of ballast
Preparation and Inspection
of natural granite
read more on how to lay ballast here.
Step 4.1
trial layout of ballast
Trial layout of rail track on
top of granite looking from
the front
Step 4.2
trial layout of ballast
Trial layout of rail track on
top of granite looking from
the side

Preparation Display Case :

Step 5.0
perspex cover

Perspex cover for the display base

Preparation Ballast onto Diorama Base :

Track Ballast :
Ballast pours from container directly in place around the track ties. Use brush for spreading evenly. Will hold track in place while providing drainage to prevent standing water. This will minimize frost heave and helps minimize deterioration with wooden ties. This light gray granite is one of the hardest rocks available. This #2 light colored white and gray granite chip used by many central European lines. Flakes are sharp. Excellent for dioramas.

Click here
to view more reference photos of rail track examples.


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