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SS Armor on the Eastern Front Item 248 : SS Armor on the Eastern Front 1943-1945
A book dedicated to some of the seminal fighting on the Eastern Front in the latter stages of the war and featuring SS armor formations! Yes, that's right! Not the same old tired rehash of the handful of pictures that have been circulating forever. This is a treasure trove of mostly recently discovered, professionally shot photography featuring:

The 1. SS-Panzer-Division "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler"
The 2. SS-Panzer-Division "Das Reich"
The 3. SS-Panzer-Division "Totenkopf"
The 4. SS-Panzer-Grenadier Division "Polizei"
The 5. SS-Panzer-Division "Wiking"
The 9. SS-Panzer-Division "Hohenstaufen"
The 10. SS-Panzer-Division "Frundsberg"
The 11. SS-Freiwilligen-Panzer-Grenadier-Division "Nordland"
The 12. SS Panzer Division "Hitlerjugend" and a host of other formations (including some Army) and heretofore rarely seen vehicles and equipment.
The book features chapters on these operations:
Zhitomir, Cherkassy, Tarnopol, Kovel, Warsaw, Budapest
Hard cover, large format (9"x12"), 296 pages, 8 maps (2 in color), 403 photos, 12 organizational diagrams, 16 pages of color.
Recommended Reading by One35th

MIchael Wittmann

Item 249 : Michael Wittmann
and the Tiger Commanders of the LAH
This is a complete and unabridged reprint of the long out-of-print JJ Fedorowicz classic. It traces the life and career of the most famous tanker of World War II, SS-Hauptsturmführer Michael Wittmann, and his comrades in the Tiger company of the 1. SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler”, which later evolved into a separate tank battalion, schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101 (501). The author brings the life story of Wittmann and other Tiger commanders alive by presenting innumerable first-hand accounts of surviving soldiers of these famous formations. As well as being a combat biography of Michael Wittmann this book is an excellent unit history of schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101 (501) that continues beyond Wittmann’s death until the end of the war.
This is a strictly limited reprint — only a total of 1,000 copies
hard cover, Size: 12” x9” , 
contains 576 pages, 700 photographs, 34 maps and 4 orders of battle.
ISBN : 0921991304
Recommended Reading by One35th



The Great Military PArades of the 3rd Reich Item 250 : The Great Military Parades of the Third Reich
A brilliant photograph album of striking color photographs that illustrate the military might of the Third Reich like never before. The military parade in German and Prussian history is a long time-honored tradition. These pageants reached their pinnacles of visual effect during the period of the Third Reich. Included in this book are parades to celebrate Hitler's birthday, Nuremberg Rally Days, Heros' Memorial Days and to celebrate Military Victories.

Hard cover, 8 1/2" x 11 3/4", 160 pages, 145 photos (most are full page or massive gate-fold page color), 
GERMAN TEXT with English translation sheet for the photo captions.
Recommended Reading by One35th


militarfahrzeuge vol 2 Item 251 : Militarfahrzeuge of the Wehrmacht Vol.2
A comprehensive photo-chronicle of all the tracked vehicles used by the German Army "Wehrmacht" in WW II from the early Panzer I to the infamous late-war "Jagdtiger." It is full of excellent wartime photographs, color photographs and detailed color plates. As with all Ryton titles, it is certainly an excellent resource for any WWII German armor modeler.

Hard cover, Size: 12"x9", 305 pages, 510 b+w wartime photos, 88 color photos and color plates.
Recommended Reading by One35th


The Battle of Kharkov Item 252 : The Battle of Kharkov - Winter 1942/1943
A superb photo coverage of the daring German recapture of Kharkov in early 1943 – largely by SS armored formations. Most of the exceptional photos have never been published before or are rare. The photos showcase German armor, uniforms and other military equipment - many are full page. Starting in December 1942, they take the reader through the many small actions across the Russian countryside and small villages, culminating in the street fighting for Kharkov in March of 1943. Their panoramic scope of the photographs will surprise and please the reader. If you enjoy photos of German armor, uniforms, equipment and known personalities, this book is for you. The 32 pages of artwork from Mr. Restayn are of his usual superb quality, showing the various German and Russian vehicles and aircraft which were employed in the fighting.

Hard cover, Size: 12"x9", 410 pages, many b+w wartime photos,
32 color photos and color plates, 3 maps
ISBN : 0921991487
Recommended Reading by One35th



The U-Boat

Item 253 : The U-Boat
The Evolution and technical history of German Submarines
German U-boats came close to wining the First World War in 1917 and repeat this performance in the Second World War. Yet, as Eberhard Rössler reveals, Germany was a late comer to submarine construction and only embarked on the U-boat programme a few years before 1914. German designers were able to benefit from the hard won experience of other navies. German industry could provide first class diesel engines and reliable electrical components, so it was not long before German yards were completing submarines equal if not superior to any in the world.
Technical history remains the poor relation of history. But the rise and fall of the U-boat arm in two world wars cannot be explained without understanding the hardware of this unique conflict. This is the most comprehensive technical history of the U-boat fleet ever published : essential reading for anyone seeking to follow the most dramatic naval compaigns of the 20th century.
Eberhard Rössler describes every class of U-boat that entered service as well as the many experimental craft that were still in development at the end of the 2nd World War.
Includes :
Profiles, deck plans and cutaways
Photographs of all major classes and variants
Complete technical specifications
U-boat tactics, High speed U-boats
Experimental propulsion systems, Midget submarines.
Hard cover, Size: 9"x9", 384 pages, lots b+w wartime photos,
ISBN : 0304361208
Recommended Reading by One35th
Cassell &Co  
K5E Leopold Item 254 : German Railway Gun - Leopold
German Railway Gun Leopold 28cm, Armor Photo Gallery Series.
From Page 3 ~ 32 (Color)
28cm K5(E) Ausf. C at US Army Ordnance Museum - Aberdeen, MD.

From Page 33 ~ 40 (Color)
28cm K5(E) Ausf. D at Musée du Mur de I'Atlantique - Audinghen, Pas de Calais

From Page 41 ~ 56 (Mono)
Photo History

softbd., 7" x 10", 56 pgs.
A1 Size Scale plan :
(Front side : 1/35 scale)
(Back side : 1/72 scale) (Charges and Projectiles : 1/10 scale)
ISBN : 83-920254-5-8
Recommended Reading by One35th


Anzio 1944 Item 255 : Anzio 1944
The Beleaguered beachhead

In January 1944, the Allies decided to land at Anzio in order to overcome the stalemate at Cassino.This amphibious landing has become one of the most controversial campaigns of World War II. Questionable decisions by the Allied leadership led to three months of World War I-style trench warfare, and the entire beachhead suffered from continuous German observation and bombardment.  Vividly describing each thrust and counter-thrust, this book takes us through the agonizing struggle as each side sought to retain or regain mastery.  It shows how Anzio proved to be a stepping stone not only to Rome but also to the liberation of Italy.
Softbd ; 96 pages
Steven J.Zaloga


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