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AS-90 Braveheart in detail

Item 241 : AS-90 Braveheart in Detail
British 155mm S.P.Howitzer and 
all support Vehicles in IFOR Mission
Photo manual for Modelers
Present Vehicle Line No. 8
- AS-90 walk around, AS-90 Hull Exterior Details
- AS-90 Turret Details, Driver's Compartment Details
- Hull Rear Door Details, Turret Interior Details
- Ammunition Details, Turret Interior Roof Details
- AS-90 Crew, DROP Foden Truck
- APC 105 Saxon
- Warrior MAOV walk around
- Support FV 432 APC, FV434 Command Vehicles
- FV434 Armored Repair Vehicles
- FV439 Communication Vehicles
- Ammunition Loading
- Support Vehicles
- Challenger ARRV

Soft cover, 9 " x 9", 72 pgs., text and color photos.
ISBN : 80-86416-34-8
Recommended Reading by One35th
Josef Spurny


I am working hard..
SLT-56 and SLT50-3 Tank Transporters

Item 242 : Bundeswehr Tank Transporters in detail
German Heavy Tank Transporters
SLT 56 Franziska &
SLT 50-3 Elefant
Photo manual for Modelers
Present Vehicle Line No. 10
- SLT-56 Walk Around
- SLT-56 Exterior Details
- SLT-56 Cab Details, Interior Details, 
- SLT-56 Engine Details, Winches Details
- SLT-56 Frame Details, Connection Cables, Right Toolbox
- SLT-56 Left and Top Toolbox
- SLT-56 Chassis Details, Steering Details
- SLT-56 Second, Third and Fourth Axis Details
- SLT-56 Last Differential Details, 56 tons Trailer
- SLT-50-3 walk around

Soft cover, 9 " x 9", 72 pgs., text and color photos.
ISBN : 80-86416-44-5
Recommended Reading by One35th
Josef Spurny
Jan Martinec


I am working hard..

Item 243 :
The Spellmount Tank Identification Guide
Illustrated with detailed artworks of German tanks and their markings with exhaustive captions and specifications, The Spellmount Tank Identification Guide, is the definitive study of the equipment and organization of the Wehrmacht's 28 full strength armored divisions. Organized chronologically by division and formation date, the book offers a complete guide to the Panzerwaffe, from the establishment of the 1st Panzer Division in 1935, to the hasty formation of the 130th Panzer (Lehr) Division in early 1944.
The book describes in depth the various models of tank in German service during the war with each individual armored division, with listings of the unit commanders and any famous tank aces. Each divisional section is further broken down by campaign, accompanied by orders of battle, a brief divisional history of the campaign and any specific unit markings.
With information boxes accompanying the full color artworks, all drawn to the same scale for easy comparison, this guide is an essential reference guide for modelers and enthusiasts with an interest in the armored divisions of the Wehrmacht.

Hard cover, 8" x 10 ", 192 pgs., text and color photos.
ISBN : 1-86227-296-4
Recommended Reading by One35th
Jorge Rosado
Chris Bishop


I am working hard..
Karl Morser
Das Boot

Andrea Miniatures

Item 244 : Das Boot
The German U-Boat in History and Diorama
This book is the first in a new series of publications by Andrea Press. In addition to the usual modeling treatment of the subject, there is considerable historical material, adding interesting images and data to the many books on German submarines that have been published since the end of World War II.
To achieve this ambitious goal, a skilled team of professionals has relevant information on submarines from many diverse sources. Previously unpublished photographs, the original building plans of the type VII C, biographies of the main German submarine aces of the two world wars, and many other features make this book a work of reference as well as an entertaining way to acquire knowledge and to learn surprising facts and trivia.
The first part of the book is dedicated to the history of submarine navigation from its beginning to the end of WWII. It focuses especially on the German U-Boat, as it was the most produced submarine ever and probably represents an epitome for submarine in general.
The second part shows how a spectacular diorama was built with a U-Boat in dry dock, while the crew and dock personnel prepare for the next mission. With more than 74 figures, this model is doubtless one of the most remarkable military miniature diorama ever built. A great deal of time and effort was needed for its completion.
In all, the book joins the fascinating fields of history and modeling in easy and captivating way, in an attempt to bring them closer to the discerning reader.

Hard cover, 8 " x 12", 136 pgs., text and color photos.
Recommended Reading by One35th


Das Boot model
Das Boot 2
Das Boot 3
Das Boot 4

Item 245 : Merkava
A History of Israel's Main Battle Tank
Der Kampfpanzer der Israelischen Armee
The Israeli Merkava main battle tank represents benchmark in modern fighting vehicle technology. Designed to match local tactical doctrine, the Merkava has evolved into one of the most modern and effective weapon systems.
The most comprehensive ever documentation on one of the most advanced tank designs of our days. 20 years in the making this is the apex of in depth historical and technical coverage on the subject.
176 pages, full color print, illustrated throughout with 342 color and 18 b/w photographs plus graphics.
The author, who is an analyst specialising in Israeli defence affairs, has produced the most comprehensive research work hitherto published on the subject.

Contents :
- Introduction
- The Merkava 1 MBT
- Merkava 1 based APCs and SPGs
- The Merkava 2 MBT
- The Merkava 3 MBT
- The Merkava 4 MBT
- Merkava 4 based ARVs and APCs
- The future of Merkava
- Addenda
- Glossary and Bibliography

Hard cover, 8 " x 12", 176 pgs., text and color photos.
ISBN : 3-936519-01-3
Recommended Reading by One35th


I am working hard..
Tiger / SturmTiger Vol. IV Item 246 : Tiger SturmTiger Vol. IV
Tank Power Part 16
Contents :
History : 
German Tiger I units pt.2
PzKpfw VI Tiger I Tactical Numbers
3D Drawings
Kits and Accessories

Soft cover, 8 " x 12", 110 pgs., 
text and color photos.
ISBN : 83-7237-127-X

AJ Press

Tiger / SturmTiger Vol. IV - back cover
The Modeler guide to Jagdpanzer

Item 247 :
The Modeler Guide To Jagdpanzer

A comprehensive guide to modeling German self-propelled anti-tank guns in 1/35 scale
Part 1 : closed top vehicles
Contents :
General History and Tactics of Jagdpanzer
General Modeling Techniques
Chapter 1 : Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzers
Chapter 2 : Jagdpanzer IV's
Chapter 3 : Ferdinand and Elefant
Chapter 4 : Jagdpanthers
Chapter 5 : JagdTigers
Chapter 6 : MMIR Recce
Chapter 7 : Jagdpanzers in Museum

Soft cover, 8 " x 12", 120 pgs., 
text and color photos.
Recommended Reading by One35th


The Modeler guide to Jagdpanzer - back cover
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