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Dr. Goh Keng Swee
Dr. Goh Keng Swee
1918 6th Oct - present
One of Singapore 
Founding Father

Anybody who want to prosper in this world must have ambition, 
ambition comes from a thought and the enthusiasm and determination to carry out that thought.
He who has an ambition will do his best in order to satisfy himself.

The desire to be popular and to be liked by people is a natural human feeling.
It is also natural to want to avoid causing to others the pain and suffering which punishment involves.
If we bring up the army guided entirely by these decent human feelings, what we will get is what Sun Tze called 
" a collection of spoilt children utterly useless for war"

My ambition is to become an engineer, China needs engineers, scientists, inventors and sailors badly.
She has not a respectable navy and air force and so to have these things she needs people to produce them, and keep them going.
So China needs soldiers, sailors and airmen to help her become one of the best nations in the world.
She needs useful men, and for me engineering is the thing.


One of Singapore 
Founding Father

We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people,
Regardless of race, language or religion, 
to build a democratic society based on justice and equality,
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

For us, a sound foreign policy is one which ensures a 
maximum of friends and a minimum of enemies.

Do not ask us to take your friends for our friends, or your enemies for our enemies.
The best course of action for the trustees of tiny Singapore in a wicked world was to
sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight.


Ong Teng Cheong
Singapore 1st Elected president
22nd Jan 1936 - 8th Feb 2002 

Ong Teng Cheong

Dr. Tony Tan
Dr.Tony Tan Keng Yam
Former DPM 

I think that if a person is not happy in his job that he should resign,
because it is better for the organization, it is better for the individual.

They are human problems which you have got to solve.
These are micro problems if you look at it from a national point of view,
but they are huge problems to the person who is affected.

There are so many ways in which we can make sure that we look after all segments of our society.
We have always taken a very hard-headed view towards our economy, of our port and that is right.
But now we have reached a certain level of development,
We also have to look after the social needs of people.


Spirit of EnterpriseThink simple now

Philip Yeo
Philip Yeo
Chairman A-STAR
Philip Yeo - EDB

In Singapore, we spend our time praising people who follow the rules.
People should not be forced to follow the rules.
If you do so, the good ones will leave; the ones who follow the rules are not necessarily the best.
We're not asking them to break rules to steal money.
Break rules to get a job done.

The greatest danger we have in government is that as we become developed,
a lot of attention is paid to due process, which means you don't need thinking people.
Due process becomes a religious pursuit.

If routine replaces imaginative policy thinking, the finest talent will exist Singapore.
It is death by due process.
If good people leave, then there is no good team to bring forward the next curve of growth.

You think I am crazy ? The easiest thing for me was to do nothing. I could remain popular like that.
What choice do we have ? If we don't start training Singapore researchers now,
the job outlook for Singaporeans in this area could look very bleak.
I have purpose in what I do and I do not hesitate.
You lack the drive and personality, you don't get to go ahead.

I don't want whining Singapore boys.
They are not mature even though they have national service and are over 22 years old when they take up
undergraduate studies. They give me so much trouble and waste our precious time.

There is no better way to secure the future than to go out and create it - (Heart Work)

There is something better that will continue to distinguish us from the rest.
This is the inexplicable quality called passion.
The passion to create, to push boundaries, to clear jungles and even to push back the sea.

The strategic : It's like using a machine gun to get a mosquito in a room full of people.


It is better to have to restrain a stallion than to have to kick a mule.

Don't look for a career, look for a challenge.

Money doesn't bother me. I'm not broke, I'm not rich, but I'm happy.
So long as the work is fun and you're happy, just do it.
If it's just money alone, might as well rob a bank.

Hire good people. Give them enough space.
But don't take your eye off them. So I don't bug you but I know what you're doing.

I never give up. Why should I give up ?
Once I decide something, I do it.
If I got something to do, I'll do it with a sense of purpose.

We cannot just do production, We've got to do things with technology. Create our own know-how.

People must be driven. I can't stand people waiting for instructions.
If you're self driven, you can do a lot of work.


Ngiam Tong Dow
NGIAM Tong Dow :
Ex Civil Servant
Founder of :
iGlobe Advisors

How can you formulate policies when you don't even know the nuts and bolts ?
That comes with a bit of having your nose to the ground.
Of course, don't spend the whole time doing it, otherwise it becomes too pedestrian.

We should bring in a foreigner if his educational level is more than the Singapore average.
If you are just bringing him at the same skill level, what is the value-add to Singapore ?
For a lot of white collar people, if you lose your job at age 45,
it's very difficult for you to find a niche again.

Our government ought to learn - We are very poor in managing talent.

Never be an intellectual dictator, always tell the people, " I trust you, give it your best shot"

"What's that for ?"
He is hopping mad that the Government spends tens of millions of dollars on the Formula One race when it will not
lift a bit more Public Assistance rate higher.
And yet you are so penny-pinching when it comes to helping the poor with a bit more.
because you talk very high mindedly about losing the work ethic.
It's all a matter of priorities, let's have a sense of balance.

Because now the world talks about global competition and a knowledge based economy.
How do you become a knowledge based economy except through science and technology ?
As a result, if the cream of the education system goes into Shenton Way instead of the technology and industrial parks,
I think we are done for.

By slotting, by training our elite in just a limited number of institutions,
We are missing something because the world is not so simple.
But in Singapore's case we seem to have inverted it, so the top 5 per cent support this huge mass of people.
I think something has got to give.
It's like a top spinning. If the economy is spinning very fast, the equilibrium is maintained;
but the moment it slows down, all the social divisions will emerge.
The world is what you make of it. So you just go out,
grab opportunities, grab education and help to build the nation of Singapore.
I never regret. I've made mistakes, yes, but no regrets.
Don't look back. Look to the future. I'm an optimist. I'm not a pessimist.
I quoted Dr. Winsemius :
You soak in the pond, When the sun is shining and the water is below your nose, 
you think everything is hunky-dory.
But the moment the water reaches the nose, you think it's all gloom and doom.
Singapore has no sense of balance.
You swing from euphoria to depression.


Sim Wong Hoo
SIM Wong Hoo :
沈望傅 :
Creative Technology

We are moving faster and faster into many uncharted territories, where there are no rules. 
We do not want to be paralyzed by waiting for the rule to be formulated before moving - it will be too late.
We have to discard our NUTS mentality and learn to live in a new world where there are no clear rules.
Not that it will be a cowboy lawless land. There will be broad guiding principles such as common goals,
objectives and basic integrity to follow.
The rest, we have to look at the big picture and decide what is the best way to do a job,
to achieve our goals.

Don't follow rules set by others. Set your own rules and you are in control.
Set road block so others cannot copy you.
Do not commit to more than one thing.



Lee Wei Ling
A/Prof. LEE Wei Ling
National Neuroscience Institute

Some people want to do great things, some people want to have a bit of fun,
but still don't mind contributing. I belong to the latter category.

I recognize that there will be hewers of wood and drawers of water.
But let's treat the hewers of wood and drawers of water with some compassion and some empathy and
realize that they are actually just as important to us.

When the end approaches and we look back on our lives, will we regret the latest mobile phone or luxury car that we did not acquire ? Or would we prefer to die at peace with ourselves, knowing that we have lives filled with love, friendship and goodwill, that we have helped some of our fellow voyagers along the way and that we have tried our best to leave this world slightly better place than how we found it ?
We know which is the correct choice - and it is within our power to make that choice.
To a considerable degree, our happiness is within our own control, and we should not follow the herd blindly.

Straits Times 30th July 2008
I dislike intensely the elitist attitude of some in our upper socio-economic class. I have been accused of reverse snobbery because I tend to avoid the wealthy who flaunt their wealth ostentatiously or do not help the less fortunate members of our society.
I treat all people I meet as equals, be it a truck driver friend or a patient and friend who belongs to the richest family in Singapore.
I appraise people not by their usefulness to me but by their character. I favor those with integrity, compassion and courage. I feel too many among us place inordinate emphasis on academic performance, job status, appearance and presentation.

'Listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story,' the Desiderata tells us. It is advice we should all heed - especially leaders, especially doctors.
I speak out when I see something wrong that no one appears to be trying to correct. Not infrequently, I try to right the wrong. In doing so, I have stepped on the sensitive toes of quite a few members of the establishment. As a result, I have been labelled 'anti-establishment'. Less kind comments include: 'She dares to do so because she has a godfather'.
I am indifferent to these untrue criticisms; I report to my conscience; and I would not be able to face myself if I knew that there was a wrong that I could have righted but failed to do so. I have no protective godfather. My father, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, would not interfere with any disciplinary measures that might be meted out to me.
And I am not anti-establishment. I am proud of what Singapore has achieved. But I am not a mouthpiece of the government. I am capable of independent thought and I can view problems or issues from a perspective that others may have overlooked.

After all, both the Bible and Confucius tell us not to treat others in a way that we ourselves would not want to be treated. That is a moral precept that many societies accept in theory, but do not carry out in practice.
I wish Singapore could be an exception in this as it has been in many other areas where we have surprised others with our success.

Straits Times 28th June 2009 "Thank you my friends"
The next category of friends are people whom chance brought together with me. These include multi-millionaires, as well as truck drivers, sport trainers, physiotherapists and security officers. I treat the latter no differently from the way I treat friends who might be thought of conventionally as my social equals. I have long ignored social convention, and I have never calculated how useful someone can be to me before accepting him or her as a friend.

But despite my many friends, I have always known that I face my own destiny alone. Friends may make the final journey easier but each of us has to face our end by oneself. Perhaps those who believe in God take comfort that there is an Almighty who is with them to the end. But I have seen many fervent believers of different religions face their impending demise with terror. 

Andy Luong
Andy Luong :
Norelco UMS

You need a vision, and you need targets.
I set myself a target and reward myself when I achieve that target.

We should make the best of our lives. Don't live a half-full live.
Enjoy what success can give you.

The most important thing is to be happy and have good health and energy to enjoy life.

Dr. Keith Goh Yu-Ching

Many doctors in the private sector don't want to take on cases  where the outcome can be bad.
But my attitude is diffirent. I am not afraid to take on challenging cases.

At the end of the day, what matter most is that I have been true to my principles
and am albe to sleep well at night with my decisions.


陈建民医生 :


Douglas Foo :
Sakae Sushi

We need to devote time to say hello to our neighbors, take care of our health,
and nurture relationships with our family and friends.
Such things make the journey of life an enjoyable one.

Ewen Chia :
Internet Entrepreneur

If you have the passion and dream, you can drive the business forward,
something you cannot do when you are an employee.
It is an extension of your creativity and the willingness to provide value to people.

Felix Ong :
Seksun  Chairman

You can never anticipate what may happen tomorrow,
so my philosophy is that I dare to try and go all out to get what I've set my sight on.

Grace Fu
Grace Fu :
Minister of State for
National Development

Empower your staff and then let them get on with the task at hand.
I don't tend to give specific instructions,
If they have the right attitude, they will usually make the right decisions.

Dr. Seet AiMay

Singaporeans should learn to complain less.
We would be a much happier and healthier society if we counted our blessings more often.

We're always saying "not enough, we want more"
But it doesn't come from the Government.
The Government can only lead.
Ultimately, the "more" comes from the work we do.

Kwek Leng Beng
Kwek Leng Beng
Chairman/ MD
Hong Leong Finance Ltd

Work Hard, Talk Less, Do More, Be Passionate.

Being big, you also have bigger headaches in everything,
and the biggest headache is in dealing with human beings.

I am not complaining. I am not afraid of hard work.
What I am afraid of is being mis-understood.

I want to lighten my burden at work, but if you are not strong in a certain thing,
You should be taking instruction and implementing them.




Olivia Lum - Hyflux
Olivia Lum

Don't think too hard and plan too much. If you wait for everything to be in place,
you might miss the boat.
Someone else could have the same idea and turn it into roaring success.

Lee Hsien Loong
PM LEE Hsien Loong
Prime Minister-Singapore

You have done what you wanted to do and you have made a difference to other people's lives.
You can do a lot of things on your own and be satisfied but if..
you just do it for yourself, well, then it's not quite complete.


It's our responsibility. We are an island, but in fact we depend on the world.
If we don't help out when other people have problems, we cannot expect other people to help us, when we have problem.
- Banda Aceh, Meulaboh

Lee Kuan Yew
SM LEE Kuan Yew
Minister Mentor-Singapore

When you are Singapore and your existence depends on performance -- extraordinary performance, 
better than your competitors -- but that performance disappears because the system on which it is based is eroded, then you've lost everything.

So our future depends on Singaporeans realizing that we always have to be different, cleaner, more transparent,
more efficient, always better.
Then we'll survive the competition against those with bigger girth, oil, gas, forest, rivers, whatever.
And the next 40 years, if we heed those principles, we should do as well as the last 40 year,
provided we change each time the world changes.

We cannot be slow. The speed with which we can react to changed circumstances will decide,
whether we survive and continue to prosper" - 3rd May 2003

No one owes us a living, so we must make a living for ourselves and our children.

Could I have lived my life differently ? Maybe yes, but probably not, at each stage, 
I made what was then the best choice. Having taken that decision, 
I changed direction and there was no turning back. I cannot say that I planned my life. 
That's why I feel life is a great adventure : exciting, unpredictable, and at times exhilarating.

You slacken, you choose the easy way and you'd be finished.

When you do something, if you worry about what people will think of you, what history will record your worth, 
then you are not concentrating on the job. A job has to be done, do it. 
Let people decide later, history will make its own judgment. 
That's my view. So I have been abused, excoriated, denounced, 
but I do what I have to do, and at the end, let people decide. (Beijing - 21st June 2004)

Eat less than you want to, work more than you need to, sleep well. (Beijing - 21st June 2004)


Chiam SeeTong
CHIAM See Tong
MP - Potong Pasir

The most important thing is that you have to respect an individual,
whether he's got six Cs or six As and whether he's a brain surgeon or a dustman.
I think we should give him the same respect. If you don't give respect to your own citizens, 
I think you condemn them forever.

Edmund Ng :
SDA Memberr

People can look down on you but you shouldn't look down on yourself. 
And if you were to put in the hard work, the dedication to improve yourself, 
you should be able to excel.

Teo Ser Luck
Teo Ser Luck
Senior Parliamentary Secretary

I don't challenge the status quo for the sake of it.
You always need to question and it's not a bad thing to oppose.
Being the opposition can be constructive, if you've done your homework and you know what you're saying, 
I encourage anyone with ideas to do that.

Low Thia Khiang
Low Thia Khiang
MP - Hougang

Since we cannot please every body, we should just strive to do our best.

My conviction is that politics is a process,
you come in for a long haul and don't expect instant success.
We are prepared to lose. We have lose before.
This is the spirit and that's why we survive till today.


Glenda Han
Glenda Han

Many people don't dare (to take risks), because they think of what they have to lose. I follow my gut.


放弃也是对的 :

人到了身体的极限,才会看见自己的脆弱。看见了自己的脆弱,才会了解到生命的可贵。了解了生命的可贵,才开始问自己什么才是对自己最重要的。是自己的理 想、梦想吗?是金钱、社会地位吗?终于开始懂得珍惜自己了,才发现原来如果连自己都照顾不好自己的话,怎么去照顾自己身边所爱的人?经历了生命的垂危,梦 想、理想、金钱和社会地位,突然之间变得不那么重要了!






Lim Hock Chee :
Sheng Siong

Start with your heart, find your strengths and focus on them.
Fixed your weaknesses as you go along, and keep your feet on the ground.

Cavinder Bull :
Lawyer - Drew &  Napier

We need to have an attitude of public service so that wherever we are,
we will be aware that Singapore cannot simply be left to the Government to run.
If we all participate in whatever roles are presented to us,
then Singapore will be the richer for it. 

jack Neo
Jack NEO Chee Keong :

At the end of the day,
the most important thing is your attitude.
If your thinking is open and cheerful, then this world is a paradise.

韩山元 :
retired journalist


何濛 :


LTA Nigel CHAN :

The bottom line of the Armed Forces is not about profits. It's not economically driven like firms.
It's about defending the people, the country and the lives we're living.

Man Shu Sum :
Executive Adviser
MediaCorp Studios

We need to move forward with an open mind.
A lot of things in life we cannot choose,
but we can choose to live positively and work positively.
But we need to turn reality into motivation.
Reene Ho-Phang : I Left to take a corporate vacation - not to be less busy,
but to be busy with things I want.
I want to live life the way I want it, not be dictated by routine, and have time for myself and
be out there to tell people my dreams.
Charlie Giang : Just pack your bags, get out there and just go for it.
forget about waiting for government help.


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