Legends :

Item Description
go 1a Diesel Engine 
1b Oil Pressure Gauge 
1c Temperature Gauge
1d Glow Plug Switch with Lamp
go 2a Cooling Water Valve, Inlet
go 2b Cooling Water Valve, Outlet
2c Fast Shutoff Valve
go 3a  
go 3b Grease Gun with Distributor
go 3c  
go 4a Exhaust Valve 
go 4b Quick Closing Device for 
Exhaust Valve 
go 4c Sound Muffler
go 5a Axis Shaft Bearing with Stuffing Box
go 5b Pressure Bearing Bedding Support
5c Disengage Clutch
5d RPM Indiocator with number
5e Disengage Device for Clutch
go 6a Electric Motor 
go 6b Fuse Box
go 7a Direction Control
go 7b Voltage Regulator
go 7c Withstand ?
go 7d V-A Monitoring Panel
go 7e Fuse Box
go 7f Junction Box
go 8a Battery
8b Terminal Board
go 9a Air Bottle
9b Main Blow Out Valve
go 9c Pressure Gauge - Blow out
go 10a Exhaust Blow Out Valve
go 11a Manual Bilge Pump
go 11b Bilge Pump
go 12a Fresh Air Intake
go 12b Oxygen Tank
12c Oxygen Addition Control Valve
go 12e  
go 12g  
go 12h  
go 12i  
go 13a Periscope
go 14a Compartment Lamp 
go 15a Light Build Compass
go 16a  
go 16b Barometer
go 17a  
go 18a N.H.G.K. Receiver
go 18b N.H.G.K. Amplifier
go 18c N.H.G.K. Switch Box
go 18d Ultra Short Wave Radio Unit
go 19a Manual Trimming Pump
go 20a  
go 20b  
go 21a  
go 22a  
go 23a  
go 23b  
go 23c  
go 23d Pressure Gauge - Accumulated Tank
go 24a Diving Tank Air Vent 
go 25a Ration Cabinet
go 26a Cabinet for Tools and Spare Parts