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uboat.gif (3144 bytes)The Most Informative and amazing site, with so details description of the World War II Kriegsmarine,U-boats and crews. U-Boat Net is one of the most extensive references to WW2's battle of the Atlantic
anywhere on the WWW.  By Guomundur Helgason

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V2 rocket
Read more about the A 4 / V 2 Rocket and
Wernher von Braun

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The MOST detail descript ...of landing in Normandy.
Need to download and install shockwave to run the map section.

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nizkor project
A psychological analysis of Adolf Hitler by Walter C. Langer

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A bit of technical issue
by David Michael Honner

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The History of World War 1939 - 1945


Another U-boot site in German language

German conspiracy to destroy hitler Schindler's List

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das Reich  T.M.
By Tony Matteliano

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