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Panzer Grenadier Division 1939-45 Item 293
The Essential Vehicle Identification Guide
Panzer Grenadier Divisions 1939-45
IIlustrated with detailed artworks of Wehrmacht vehicles and thier markings with exhaustive captions and specifications. The Essential identification Guide : Panzer Granadier Divisions, 1939-45 is the definitive study of the equipment and organization of Germany's motorized army divisions during World War II.
Organized chronologically by division and formation date, the book describes in depth the various models of tank and other armored and soft vehicles in service with each panzergrenadier division, with listing of unit commanders, vehicle types and numbers, and unit structures.
With information boxes accompanying the full color artworks, all drawn to the same scale for easy comparison, this book is a key reference guide for modelers and military history enthusiasts with an interest in the motorized divisions of the Wehrmacht.

Hard cover., 9" x 6", 192 pgs.
Text and color photos
ISBN : 978-1-905704-29-3
Chris Bishop



Item 294
The Essential Vehicle Identification Guide
Waffen-SS Divisions 1939-45
Every SS division that saw combat is featured, from well known unit such as the elite Das Reich and Wiking divisions, the lesser-known divisions, such as the 11th Waffen-SS panzer Division Nordland and the Albanian 21st Waffen-SS Gebirgs-Division Skanderbeg.

Hard cover., 9" x 6", 192 pgs.
Text and color photos
ISBN : 978-1-905704-55-2
Chris Bishop



U-505 front cover
U-505 back cover

Item 295U-505 The Final Journey
On 4 June 1944 the German submarine U505 became the first man-of-war of 1812 to be captured by the U.S.Navy in battle on the high seas. Attacked by the American ....

Hard cover., 9" x 6", 204 pgs.
Text and B&W and color photos
ISBN : 1-59114-967-3

Museum of Science and Industry
James E.Wise Jr.


von Braun Item 296 : Von Braun - Dreamer of Space - Engineer of War
The first authoritative biography of Wernher von Braun, chief rocket engineer of the Third Reich - creator of the infamous V-2 rocket - who became one of the fathers of the U.S. space program. In this meticulously researched and vividly written life, Michael J.Neufeld gives us a man of profound moral complexities, glorified as a visionary and vilified as a war criminal, a man whose brilliance and charisma were coupled with an enormous and, some would say, blinding ambition.

Hard cover., 9" x 6", 562 pgs.
Text and some B&W photos
ISBN : 978-0-307-26292-9
Michael J.Neufeld

Alfred A.Knopf

Sevastopol 1942 Item 297 : Sevastopol 1942 - Von Manstein's triumph
Campaign No.189
In late July 1941, Hitler ordered Army Group South to seize the Crimea in order to prevent Soviet air attacks on the Ploesti oilfields in Romania.This vital mission was assigned to the weak Eleventh Army under Generaloberst von Manstein. In late September 1941, von Manstein began his initial attacks upon the strong Soviet defences at the Perekop isthmus, and then cleared the heavily fortified Kerch Peninsula in May 1942. With the threat to his flank removed, von Manstein massed two German and a Romanian corps against the principal city of Crimea - Sevastopol. This volume assesses the impact of logistics, weather and joint operational planning in examining this the last major German victory in World War II.

Sftbd, 9" x 7", 96 pgs.
Text , B&W and color photos
ISBN : 978-1-84603-221-9
Robert Forczyk Osprey Publishing  
Armored Trains Item 298 : Armored Trains
New Vanguard no. 140
First seen during the American Civil War, and later appearing in the Franco-Prussian War and the Anglo-Boer Wars, armored trains came to prominence on the Eastern Front during World War I. They were also deployed during the Russian Civil War, and the technology traveled east into the Chinese Civil War, and the subsequent conflict with Japan. They saw service on the Russian Front in World War II, but were increasingly sidelined because of their vulnerability to air attack. Steven J.Zaloga examines the origins and development of the armored train, focusing equally on the technical detail and on the fascinating story of how armored trains were actually used in combat.

Sftbd, 9" x 7", 48 pgs.
Text , B&W and color photos
ISBN : 978-1-84603-242-4
Steven J.Zaloga Osprey Publishing  
Stryker Combat Vehicles Item 299 : Stryker Combat Vehicles
New Vanguard no. 121
The eight wheeled (8x8) Stryker combat light armored vehicle was adopted by the US Army in 2002 to provide a comparatively rapidly deployable contingency force with armor protection, tactical mobility, and heavy firepower, as well as advanced command, control communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) capability. Converting the first new US Army release since the M1 Abrams MBT, this book details the conception, ongoing development, and deployment of one of the most highly anticipated new AFV's in recent years, including its service in Iraq and the ensuing controversy surrounding the Stryker's varying successes.

Sftbd, 9" x 7", 48 pgs.
Text , B&W and color photos
ISBN : 1-84176-930-4
Gordon L.
Osprey Publishing  
D-Day Fortifications in Normandy Item 300 : D-Day Fortifications in Normandy
Fortress No.37
German defenses along the Normandy beaches were part of the larger Atlantic Wall fortifications designed to defend Fortress Europe. When Field Marshal Erwin Rommel took command of the invasion front in late 1943, he set about enhancing fortifications along Normandy coast, believing that any Allied assault had to be stopped on the invasion beaches themselves. His most important contribution to the defenses was an extensive program of improvised beach obstructions designed to complicate any landing attempt. This book analyzes these fortifications and describes how the Allied forces overcame them on the morning of June 6, 1944.

Sftbd, 9" x 7", 64 pgs.
Text , B&W and color photos
ISBN : 1-84176-876-6
Steven J.Zaloga Osprey Publishing  

Stryker in Detail

Item 301 : Stryker IAV in detail No.17
U.S. Stryker interim Armored Vehicle Family Part one
M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle
M1126 Stryker MK19 Grenade Launcher
M1127 Stryker Reconnaissance Vehicle
M1130 Stryker Command Vehicle
M1130 Stryker Command Vehicle Tactical Air Control Party
M1132 Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle
M1132 Stryker ESV Light Weight Mine Roller
M1132 stryker ESV with Angled Mine Plow
M1132 Stryker ESV with Straight Obstacle Blade

Softbd. 6" x 9" , 132 pgs
Text, all color photos
ISBN : 978-80-96416-61-5
Ralph Zwilling



sPZ Marder

Item 302 : SPz MARDER
Der Schutzenpanzer der Bunderswehr - Geschichte, Ensatz, Technik.

Chapters :
Marder Development,
Modernisation Efforts - MArder A1, A1A, A1+, A1-, A1A2, 1A2
Schutzenpanzer Marder 1A3 / A4 / A5 AIFVs.
Technology of the Marder
The Marder AIFV in Active Service.
MArder 2

Sftbd, 11" x 8", 64 pgs.
Text , B&W and color photos


Panther in Color Item 303 : Panther in Color
Sftbd, 8" x 11", 40 pgs.
Text ,  color photos
ISBN : 978-83-60041-30-7
Waldemar Trojca

Model Hobby

Panther Project Vol. 1 Item 304 : Panther Project
Volume 1 : Drivetrain and Hull - The Wheatcroft Collection
This book is hopefully the first in a long run series that will chronicle both current and past restoration projects of military vehicles that have been carried out by Kevin Wheatcroft.

Being able to indulge yourself in a hobby like that of Kevin's is dependent upon trusted and capable people. Before we even begin to have a look at some of the work they do it is important to recognize who these individuals are.. 

Sftbd, 11" x 8", 88 pgs.
Text , B&W and color photos
ISBN : 978-0-9556422-0-3
The Research Squad

The Wheatcroft

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