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panzer masterclass

Item 54 : Panzer Modelling Masterclass
Master craftsman Tony Greenland shares his unrivaled mastery of modelling knowledge as he covers tools and material, construction techniques, finishing and crew figure modelling. Filled with a practical and detailed text, plus hundreds of step-by-step color photographs. Applicable to military vehicle models of all types, materials, scale and subjects.
Hdbd., 8 1/4" x 11 1/4", 128 pgs., 250 color  ill.
ISBN : 1-85915-067-5


Windrow & Greene


Item 53 : Model Buildings Masterclass
Roy Porter, a prize-winning modeller of many years' standing and an expert on miniature architecture, shares his deep knowledge of the best materials and techniques to produce Gold Medal standard scale model houses, street scenes, military buildings, shops, huts - everything the diorama or railway modeller could want. Here, explained in step-by-step detail and illustrated with more than 250 colour photographs and drawings, are examples of every level of building from a bank of sandbags to a long cabin or a jungle hut; from superb half-timbered cottages to brick town houses - complete, and bombed-out, from corrugated iron Nissen huts to concrete pillboxes.
Hdbd., 8 1/4" x 11 1/4", 128 pgs., 250 color  ill.
ISBN : 1-85915-063-2

Roy Porter

Windrow & Greene

Item 71 : Terrain Modelling
Modelling Masterclass series
Modellers ambitious to display their work to the best advantage in vignettes and dioramas - ehrther military or civilian subjects, of all historical periods - will find thsi book invaluable. It explains how to create miniature landscape in strikingly attractive detail, reproducing a range of different effects - from seasonal vegetation and weather to tropical jungle and beaches, from peaceful lanes and meadows to fire-damaged battlefields. The author shares the lessons of many years' experience, illustrated with nearly 300 color photographs - both step by step and showing finished dioramas - covering : preparation, materials and techniques, rocks and cliffs, grass, hedges, fields and bushes, trees and woodland, scorched earth, fire effects, jungle, water effects, sand and gravel, beach and desert effects, tracks and roads, modern surfaces, snow and ice.
Hdbd., 8 1/4" x 11 1/4", 128 pgs., 300 color  ill.



Item 72 : WWII Dioramas
Osprey Modelling Manual - 7
While modelling and detailing individual figures or vehicles is a satisfying project in itself, placing the models in a realistic action setting provides a spectacular backdrop for your work. World War II - fought over a variety of terrain from the frozen Arctic to the heat and sand of the western desert, as well as through towns and cities and across forest and wilderness - allows an unlimited number of locations and tactical scenarios for dioramas.
In WWII Dioramas the skills of incomparable dioramas mdellers are laid bare in a way that will be inmense value to the average model-maker. Composition, detailing, construction, painting - all the skills of the model-maker's art are shown off in two brilliant dioramas : an urban scene in a war-torn town that combines work of buildings - exteriors and interiors - with figures and a vivid tank action in the Bocage country of Narmandy that focuses on the realistic portrayal of men and vehicles in scenery 
Softbd., 7 3/4" x 10 1/2", 64 pgs., all color  ill.

Jerry Scutts



mb_conversion.jpg (14907 bytes)

Item 14 : Armor Conversion and Detailing projects
The tanks and other armored vehicles of modern armies have been adapted in a variety of ways to the changing terrain and the tactics and weapons of combat. Now you can recreate this variety by converting available kits to recreate actual vehicles with the techniques described in this book.
sftbd., 8 1/2" x 11", 104 pgs., many color ill.




Item 05 :Models in Action No.1, Normandy
This new Models in Action series aims to present history's great military operations and battles through expertly-crafted dioramas. this series have chosen as the theme what was almost certainly the greatest single operation in military history : The D-Day invasion of Normandy, France. The dioramas in this volume cover the period from June to August of 1944.
The 11 dioramas presented in these pages were put together by individuals who are among the finest military modelers in Japan.
This book presents a number of scenes from the fighting arounf Normandy in chronological order, offering the reader a unique way to get a general sense of the flow of this important chapter of World War II.
sftbd., 10 1/4" x 10", 84 pgs., many color ill.Text Japanese/English


Dai Nippon Kaiga


Item 03 : Models in Action No.2,Berlin 1945
This volume chosen to potray the last days of the Third Reich, centering on the fall of berlin. These 12 works cover the time period from January to May 1945, from the steamroller advance of the Red Army through eastern Europe to the final,desperate German resistance in the streets around the Reichstag. The dioramas each focus on an actual episode from the period and are presented in chronological order. In addition, this time we've chosen to add a little drama by introducing a fictional character in the form of a typical German soldier - Leutnant Helmut Schmitt.By following his story during the Third Reich's final collapse, the reader can gain a slightly better feel for what actually happened during the tumultuous period.
sftbd., 10 1/4" x 10", 108 pgs., many color ill.Text Japanese/English

Art Box

Dai Nippon Kaiga


Item 24 : Modeling Tanks and Military Vehicles
Teaches the basic techniques for building realistic armor models and armor kits. Starts at the most basic level of kit assembly and painting and discusses advanced projects piece by piece. Explains assembly, painting, scratchbuilding, conversion, weathering and detailing.
sftbd., 8 1/2" x 11", 76 pgs., 260 photos.




Item 23 How to Build Dioramas
Master modeler Sheperd Paine explains, step by step, how he designs, plans and builds his dioramas from the ground up. Included are comprehensive discussions of weathering techniques, converting and painting figures and shadow box construction. Four projects vividly illustrate the techniques discussed.
sftbd., 8 1/2" x 11", 104 pgs., 260 photos.

ISBN : 0-89024-551-7




mb_tips.jpg (21711 bytes) Item 17 : Scale Modeling Tips and Techniques
The best modeling hints from 10 years of FineScale Modeler magazine. Add to the realism of your models, solve modeling problems and discover shortcut.
sftbd., 8 1/2" x 11", 72 pgs., 20 color and 80 b&w photos.

ISBN : 0-89024-127-9


mb_figures.jpg (20906 bytes) Item 16 : How to paint Realistic Military Figures
Learn the fundamentals of painting and detailing with acrylics, including how to choose the proper tools, achieve light and shadow effects, display figures and even create simple dioramas. Entire chapters are devoted to painting faces, Napoleonic uniforms, camouflages and armor with acrylics.
sftbd., 8 1/2" x 11", 88 pgs., 200+ photos and b&w ill.
ISBN : 0-89024-125-2
Lynn Kessler
Don Winar
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